yellow antsDid you know there are more than 50 non-native ant species in Florida? Red imported fire ants, crazy ants, ghost ants, and other common species are all invasive. Florida’s wet, moist climate is perfect for global subtropical and tropical species, so invasive species can thrive. Now, a new species has made its way to the Sunshine State: the little yellow ant.

Origins of Little Yellow Ants

Little yellow ants are native to Madagascar, an island nation off the coast of East Africa. At some point in the past decade, they hitched a ride to the Caribbean. Now, they’ve made their way to Florida. A colony of little yellow ants was found infesting a home in the Fort Lauderdale area. They’ve also been seen outdoors in Fort Lauderdale. The full extent of the ant’s range in Florida is unknown.

Potential Threats for Floridians

While little yellow ants don’t bite, their presence could cause serious problems in the state. They live in connected colonies, known as supercolonies. These supercolonies can have thousands of egg-laying queens and millions of individuals.

Each ant is less than 2 millimeters (0.08 inches) long. Since they’re so tiny, whole colonies can fit in potted plants, plant debris, and other small areas. The colonies can go undetected until the population density of ants becomes very high.

For Floridians, these new ants will be more of a nuisance than other species. The ants live outdoors and form massive foraging trails. They can swarm anywhere that might have food, like your kitchen. They could be even worse for Florida’s farmers. These ants don’t harm crops like citrus directly, but they protect bugs that do.

Controlling Yellow Ants

These invasive ants will be difficult to manage. While ant baits can work, they may only affect one branch of a colony and have a limited impact on the overall population. In homes, this means infestations can keep recurring. Professional control will be needed to manage these difficult-to-control ants.

Little yellow ants have made their way to Fort Lauderdale, and they may eventually arrive in Tampa if they’re not already here. If you’re concerned about these ants, rest assured that the Tampa pest removal experts at Apex are there to help.

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