hand-299675_1280February is here, so why not send your lawn a Valentine’s Day love letter, describing all of the incredible ideas and wonderful ways you plan to make it look amazing this year. Lawns, like us humans, respond in a glowing fashion to generous doses of TLC. Imagine yourself outside, walking barefoot across the lush green carpet, the birds singing, the sun dipping below the horizon as a smile slowly sneaks its way across your face. Spring will be here before you know it, the time for planning how to pamper your lawn this year is now. One great way to get things started is by calling the lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County at 866-675-4070. We can offer tips, guidance and the tender application of nutrients and treatments that will have your lawn cooing with pleasure.

But don’t stop there, why not peruse the top lawn and landscape trends for 2015, some of which are likely to include natural landscapes, outdoor living rooms, portable gardening or edible landscapes with fruit trees and berry bushes—or imagine yourself peacefully planting flowers that will attract butterflies and bees or putting in flower beds with annuals and single-color shades or flowers with Earth tones to bring out the gold in the Floridian sun during the summertime.

Naturally, there should be some practical considerations like feeding your lawn with the finest food (fertilizer), so it can look its best, as will your roses, palm trees, hedges and shrubs. There’s also the pesky matter of, well, pests, such as ants, beetles, mole crickets, grasshoppers and stink bugs. These lawn predators are lurking and ready to destroy your dream of the most spectacular lawn in the history of your neighborhood. Here’s where Apex comes to the rescue! Our lawn care experts in Orlando, Tampa and Brevard County offer service plans overflowing with the special needs of your lawn and garden in mind. We’ll keep those nasty bugs, weeds, fungi and other annoyances at bay, helping you fulfill every promise you might want to make in your Valentine’s missive this year.