7F2A3895Advice on caring for your lawn over the warm seasons in Florida is abundant, filled with ideas on watering and fertilizing schedules, but what should homeowners do for their lawns during the winter months? Though we don’t get snow, and it very rarely freezes in the lower parts of the state, the grass in our lawns still goes dormant. Does that mean we can ignore it until spring? The Orlando lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control can help answer such questions, but, in general, caring for your lawn during the winter is pretty easy.

Those who live in Florida know that winter is the “dry” season, with Mother Nature generally offering an average of two inches less rain than during the warmer months. With your lawn dormant anyway, should you water it? Truthfully, it depends on the weather. Though your lawn is dormant, it’s not dead, which means it still needs water–it just needs a lot less than in the warmer months when it’s putting a lot more effort into growing and being greener. If it rains periodically, there is no point in watering your lawn, but if you experience a dry spell, then it’s a good idea to water for a short time (under 30 minutes, a couple times a month) unless the weather reports suggest it’s likely to freeze in the near future. If you water, and it freezes, the blades will be damaged, which of course is a problem. Also, if you overwater your lawn, your grass will become brittle, which can lead to breakage if there is frost in the forecast. As for fertilizing, there is no need. Your grass can’t use it while it’s dormant, so you should wait till spring to fertilize your lawn.

There are a couple of things our Orlando lawn care experts recommend you can do to help your lawn get ready for the warm season:

  • Core Aeration – Core aeration involves using a tool to relieve compaction in the lawn.
  • Thatching – Thatching involves removing excess debris that has built up to a point where it can’t break down on its own.

Caring for your lawn during the winter months is easy, it’s the spring, summer, and fall where things get a little more complex. To have the healthiest, best-looking lawn in your area, contact the Orlando lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control today. We have all the available resources to make your lawn look its best all year long.