Surrounded by a series of lakes and canals, Winter Park is a planned community on the outskirts of Orlando. City planners and architects forged a community out of wilderness, but part of the wilderness still survives: the unwanted pests that once lurked in the landscape of native Florida are now surreptitiously invading homes and businesses. Fortunately, the Winter Park pest control team at Apex Pest Control is able to pinpoint and eradicate these pesky vermin and keep them away.

Winter Park has hundreds of new homes for sale. If you are interested in building a home or business in Winter Park, contact Apex Pest Control before construction begins. Apex pre-treats both soil and wood on construction sites with Bora-Care®, Termidor®, and AdonisTM to keep termite damage from occurring. Apex stands behind their work, offering a $1,000,000 home warranty and $5,000,000 business warranty for new constructions projects that utilize these soil and wood treatments.

Existing homes, whether a few years old or a historic site, require care and upkeep. The Winter Park pest control experts at Apex are available for one-time assistance in removing wasp nests, or contact one of their representatives to set up a maintenance schedule to keep insects, arachnids, and other pests away indefinitely from your home and property.

Treating your yard with a barrier insecticide is as important as treating your home. Our team inspects all outbuildings, pool areas, and foliage as well as your home before applying any chemicals. Apex’s trained technicians know the importance of “good” insects and will not apply an overwhelming amount of broad-range insecticide when only a small dose of a specific chemical is needed.

Contact the Winter Park pest control team at Apex today by calling (866) 675-4070, and visit our past blogs for information on pest control and maintenance of homes, businesses, and lawns.