Winter Garden’s subtropical climate brings rain during the summer months and dry weather throughout most of the shortened winter. With excess rain comes an abundance of insects, arachnids, and small rodents that often choose to seek shelter in a permanent structure – your home. Keeping pests out of your home is not an easy task, especially in Florida. You can rely on the Winter Garden pest control experts at Apex Pest Control to meet all your pest control needs.

New Apex customers are given a 14-Point New Start Checklist of areas inspected to find any reported pests and to prevent any infiltrations. Apex offers more than home pest control, though. Their services also include termite control for new homes and annual termite treatments for existing homes, lawn maintenance to keep your yard free of fungi and bacteria that can damage the appearance of your grass, and commercial service for businesses.

For new homes being built in Stoneybrook West, Wintermere Pointe, or any other neighborhood in Winter Garden, Apex has an abundance of pre-construction Winter Garden pest control treatments for you:

  • Pre-construction soil treatment using Termidor® or AdonisTM: Treat the ground before any products are placed on the bare soil before cement is poured to combat subterranean termites.
  • Pre-construction wood treatment: Direct wood treatments with Bora-Care® prior to insulation being installed to keep termites from nibbling on your home’s framework.
  • PIPELINE™ In-Home Pesticide Distribution system: This ingenious system is installed in the exterior walls of your home during construction, and a junction box outside the home connects the pipes to your Winter Garden pest control service, Apex. One of our trained technicians can easily treat your home for pests without stepping foot inside. The treatment enters the junction box and is evenly distributed throughout the house with no sticky residue and no appointments to remember.

Keep your Winter Garden home, lawn, and business pest-free with a free quote from Apex Pest Control, the Winter Garden pest control experts. Call us today at (866) 675-4070 to set up a consultation or speak with one of our team members concerning any pest situation you may need help with.