Living on an isthmus surrounded by freshwater lakes in Florida seems to be almost as close to paradise as possible. Windermere residents enjoy skiing, golfing, and touring the chain of lakes. What they do not enjoy, however, are the pests. Waterbugs, mosquitoes, flies, and mice abound in the floral, humid weather, and the only way to properly control these pests is by contacting your Windermere pest control team at Apex Pest Control.

If you want your lawn to resemble the Windermere Country Club Golf Course, you will need more than good soil and water. Florida grasses are magnets for viral and bacterial growth because of the wet summers and short winters. To keep your lawn looking healthy throughout the year, contact Apex before your grass begins actively growing. They can inspect your yard for any insect or microscopic biological damage and treat small problems before your lawn shows severe damage.

Your pool and patio areas will be more enjoyable with regular visits from Apex. A perimeter spray around your yard will keep you entertaining outside well into the summer. If you see any nesting insects, such as wasps or hornets, call the professionals at Apex for removal. With over 30 years in the pest control business, our team can handle even the most difficult pest problems.

Apex has a Windermere pest control plan to fit your needs. Whether you need us to spray one apartment or an entire condominium, Apex will work with you on your schedule to give you the best service possible. New customers receive a 14-point checklist where technicians will check your attic, crawl space, home, outbuildings, home, and yard to determine if any insect damage is visible, then work with you to set up a service plan that fits your needs.

Call Apex Pest Control today at (866) 675-4070 to set up an inspection or to speak with one of our technicians. You’ll love the courteous service from the Windermere pest control service professionals at Apex.