A home should be a place of peace and calm and a refuge for homeowners and their families. But it’s hard to enjoy your home if you regularly see roaches, mosquitoes or other pests. While many homeowners might take a reactive approach to pest control and call for service only when they see bugs, it’s far better to schedule ongoing pest control treatment.

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This especially holds true in Florida, where it’s highly necessary to use ongoing pest control. Why do you need regular pest control from a local expert? Here’s a look at four primary reasons:

  1. Disrupt breeding cycles: One of the best ways to keep unwanted bugs from invading your home is to disrupt their breeding cycles. Disruption of breeding cycles is one of the main benefits of ongoing pest control. If you choose the reactive approach and call for treatment only when you see pests, you’re allowing bugs to lay eggs and other pests to breed. This allows your pest problem to worsen over time.
  2. Establish and maintain a protective barrier: With a single pest control treatment, a protective barrier is established around your home using proven pest control products. But this barrier breaks down over time, allowing pests to start wandering inside your home, where they begin laying eggs and spreading. If you choose ongoing pest control treatment, each visit strengthens the protective barrier, ensuring bugs can never find their way into your home.
  3. Customize treatment to the season: Given the climate in Florida, bugs never take a season off. But it’s still important to customize pest control treatments according to a given season and the bugs and conditions that season might bring. When you choose the benefits of ongoing pest control, customized treatment will meet the unique conditions of the season, the bugs and the activity prevalent during that season.
  4. Receive peace of mind: You should never have to worry about bugs or other pests inside your home. When you select monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly pest control service, you get peace of mind. You also get results. It’s necessary to use ongoing pest control because there’s nothing better than a professional regularly and proactively looking for signs of new pests — and taking care of pest issues before they become crises.

Why to Get Your Pests Taken Care of Professionally

Pest professionals are trained to handle various infestations. Though it can be tempting to do the work yourself, a professional team can offer solutions and quality service. You have many reasons to trust a qualified exterminator to aid any infestation problems.


Both the pests and at-home solutions can be dangerous to your health. You may use the incorrect amount of solution and have ineffective results. The fumes from products can be harmful when used incorrectly, especially if you are not familiar with pest removal.

An exterminator is professionally trained to handle these substances and regulate the amount used. They know how much to use and when to apply a solution for maximum results depending on the type of pest.


If you hire a pest control service, you do not have to come into contact with the pests. Instead of handling the problem yourself, you can trust professionals, avoid pests and maintain your routine. Professional pest services are worth it to make pest control simple and convenient.


For at-home options, you will spend a lot of time researching the pests and which methods effectively work for exterminating them. From there, you have to purchase all the supplies and create the solution, which also comes with cleaning and moving furniture in some cases. With a professional, the results will be quicker and the prep time will be cut in half.

Once you have an infestation, you want it gone as quickly as possible. Hiring a professional will solve the problem more efficiently than doing it on your own. Save yourself the time of researching, prepping, shopping and treating the area — and then repeating the process later.


Professionals have experience and certifications in pest removal. With their experience and job expertise, they are constantly learning new information about different pests, which can benefit homeowners. When doing the job yourself, you could miss signs of a deeper infestation that will most likely cause you to hire a professional later on.

No matter the severity of your infestation, a professional view goes beyond removing the pests. Professionals offer follow-up consultations to ensure their treatment worked. While you may remove the immediate problem, keeping the pests away is a different issue that requires further learning.

When to Hire a Pest Professional

You should hire a professional pest service as soon as you notice signs of an infestation. If you take preventative measures and regularly check for pests, you can recognize and solve issues more quickly. Regular upkeep may not totally prevent pests, but it will help you find the problem promptly. Contact your local professional as soon as you see a problem so they can help you.

Don’t let bugs and other pests get a foothold in your home. At Apex Pest Control, we offer a series of proactive pest control plans that allow you to seize the benefits of ongoing pest control and achieve the peace of mind you want and need. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Florida with fast, effective service that keeps your home free from pests.

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