termite-specialOne of the things that drive homeowners crazy, when thinking about termites and the problems they can cause, is which Orlando pest control company to call to handle problems for them. After dismissing those making ridiculous claims, consumers are left with competing companies that offer different approaches for stopping termites from building nests or getting into homes and of course for getting rid of the ones that are already eating the wood that makes up walls, floors or even the foundation.

One way to decide is to compare the types of treatments used by the various companies. After conducting extensive research on the best approach, Apex Pest Control has chosen to use a chemical treatment called Termidor to both stop termites from entering structures and to kill them where they live.

With termite control, there are two basic types of deterrent:

  • The “Trench and Treat” Barrier System—a shallow trench is dug a few inches away from the structure’s foundation, all the way around the house, a chemical is put in and then the trench is covered over. The chemical forms a barrier in the ground between the rest of the world and the structure. For termites to get to the house, they will have to pass through the barrier and if they try, the chemical will kill them.
  • Using Baits—bait stations are placed in several spots near the foundation, usually spaced ten feet apart, all the way around the structure.

The advantage of the trench method is that it is extremely effective when the right chemical is used and applied correctly and it will last up to ten years. An advantage of the bait approach is initial low cost but its downside is that it doesn’t work nearly as well at getting rid of termites and the baits must be replaced over time.

For most people, the trench method is preferable because it offers peace of mind—termites won’t get through. But, once that choice has been made, there is still the decision regarding which chemical to put in the trench. Right now, Termidor wins hands-down over other chemicals such as Premise because it is both safe for humans and animals and because it doesn’t just deter termites, it kills them. Even better, those that dawdle at the edges of the barrier get just a little bit of the chemical on their bodies which they take it back to their nest and rub all over their friends, killing them too.

Orlando pest control company Apex specializes in the use of Termidor as a termite treatment. It’s a chemical that has been proven to be the most effective available and our technicians have extensive experience using it and it is the best treatment option available for home and business owners.