spiderMany people don’t enjoy being around bugs. This is completely reasonable since some bugs can bite you or spread diseases. However, some people don’t just dislike bugs. They have phobias—extreme or irrational fears—about them. A phobia of bugs is one reason why people turn to experts. Do you have any of these bug phobias?

Fear of Spiders

If you’re terrified of spiders, you’re not alone. Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias. Most of the spider species in Florida don’t harm humans, but that may not be reassuring for people with a strong fear of spiders.

Fear of Crane Flies

Crane flies, also known as daddy-long-legs, are creepy looking creatures. Fortunately, they don’t bite or spread diseases.

Fear of Wasps and Bee

Wasps and bees can give you a painful sting, so it’s not unreasonable to want to avoid them. Spheksophobia is an extreme fear of these flying insects. People with this phobia could refuse to go outdoors due to the fear of encountering a bee or wasp.

Fear of Moths

Moths are generally harmless, but they’re not the most attractive bugs, especially when compared to their relatives, the butterflies. For people with a phobia of moths, the sight of these bugs can be very scary.

Fear of Ants

For people with myrmecophobia (a fear of ants), life in Florida can be stressful. That’s because 239 known species of ants call the Sunshine State their home. Many people are scared of fire ants, but for people with myrmecophobia, even the friendlier types of ants are frightening.

Fear of Flies

Flies are bothersome insects, especially if they come inside your house. They buzz around, land on your food, and generally make nuisances of themselves. If the sight of these bugs makes you panic, you could have a fly phobia.

Fear of Cockroaches

Florida’s warm climate is the perfect home for cockroaches, also called palmetto bugs. These creepy pests can spread diseases and contaminate food. For people with a cockroach phobia, just the sight of these bugs can be scary.

Fear of Crickets

Is the sound of crickets chirping enough to make you anxious? If so, you could have orthopterophobia, a cricket phobia. Rest assured that crickets aren’t known to hurt people. The worst they can do is feed on your fabrics.

Fear of Bed Bugs

The thought of being bitten by bugs as you sleep is enough to terrify anyone. For some people, the fear of bed bugs can become a full-blown phobia.

If you’re terrified of one or more types of bugs, don’t worry. The professionals at Apex can help you keep them away.

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