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Living in Florida means an abundance of visitors. While most tourists are greeted with welcoming smiles, some of Florida’s most notorious visitors into your home may not make their presence known until you have an infestation. These visitors are the ants you find nibbling on sugar in your pantry, the roaches scuttling across the driveway when you turn on the floodlight, or the wasps building intricate nests in your shed. Apex Pest Control, the West Palm Beach pest control company of choice, can work with you to eliminate these pesky visitors and keep them from returning.

West Palm Beach pest control customers are eligible for Apex’s 14-point checklist, which includes a thorough inspection of your home, treatment of existing lawn or home infestations, barrier protection to the home and property, inspection and treatment of any outbuildings on the premises, and lawn inspection. No matter what the situation, Apex will have an answer!

Homes and businesses under construction in West Palm Beach will greatly benefit from Apex’s termite control treatment. Apex offers a $1,000,000 home termite guarantee and a $5,000,000 business guarantee against termite damage when construction sites and materials are pre-treated with Bora-Care®, Termidor®, or AdonisTM. Treating the grounds and lumber used in construction and scheduling regular West Palm Beach pest control maintenance keeps termites away forever.

West Palm Beach business owners appreciate Apex’s concern for their customers. We work on Saturdays and after regular business hours to accommodate your schedules. By planning routine maintenance after hours, normal foot traffic is not interrupted, and your business maintains a superior level of cleanliness and sanitation without the influx of disease-ridden pests.

Give the West Palm Beach pest control experts at Apex Pest Control a call at (866) 675-4070 to thoroughly inspect your home or business for any insects, arachnids, or small animals. Read our latest blogs to learn how to identify signs of infestation and how to make your home and yard more resistant to pests.

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The tech was exactly on time and very friendly not to mention extremely knowledgeable! He answered all my questions and was very professional.
Heather F, Orlando