waspThe summer months are winding down, and cooler weather is on the way. That means Floridians will start encountering wasps and hornets. Orlando pest removal experts are well-acquainted with both types of flying pests.

The Difference Between Wasps and Hornets

Many people use the words wasp and hornet interchangeably, but they’re actually different pests. Wasps are small—under an inch long—and can be a wide variety of colors. Yellow jackets and paper wasps are common types of wasps. They can build their nests in the air or underground, and some types are aggressive.

Hornets are larger than wasps. They can be up to 1.5 inches long, and are usually either black and white or brownish red. They build large, aerial nests. The nests are round and look like they’re made of paper. Since hornets are aggressive if their nests are disturbed, keep your distance.

Locations for Outdoor Nests

There are many areas outdoors where you could find wasps or hornets. Carefully check around the exterior of your home to see if nests are built nearby. Nests could be built near your doors and windows. This is a concern because you’ll be in close contact with the pests.

Nests could also be found in damaged areas of your home’s exterior. For example, if you have broken panels or siding, flying insects could enter and build a cozy nest.

Holes or burrows near your home are another prime location for nests. Yellow jackets may use these holes for opportunistic nests. Before they move in, fill in the holes with dirt.

Locations for Indoor Nests

It’s scary enough to find hornets or wasps outside your home, but it’s worse when they invite themselves inside. If you see a lot of these pests flying around inside your home, they may have a nest nearby. They could be living in your attic, wall voids, or even inside a cupboard.

It’s a good idea to have your house professionally inspected for wasps and hornets. The inspection could find an indoor nest that you couldn’t locate on your own. It could also reveal damage that could allow these pests to slip inside. For example, your roof could be damaged from recent severe weather.

Wasps and hornets can be useful. They feed on smaller, more annoying pests. However, they can be dangerous if they move in too close to your home. If wasps or hornets are living too close for comfort, the Orlando pest removal experts at Apex can help you eliminate them. Contact us for a consultation today, or read our blog to know more about what bugs you need to worry about!