mouseIn Florida, there are many pests that could damage your home. Tampa pest control experts recommend watching out for these 10 damaging pests.


Termites: Termites feed on wood and can cause significant deterioration of homes. Infestations can remain undetected for years, even in exposed wood. They feed on the hidden surfaces of the wood, while the outer surface is usually unaffected.


Powderpost Beetles: The powderpost beetle has larvae that feed on beams, subflooring, and other wood. The damage isn’t usually noticeable until the wood disintegrates.


Carpenter Ants: While most ants won’t destroy your home’s wood, carpenter ants are an exception. These ants don’t eat it, but they hollow out solid wood to make their nests and galleries.


Rats and Mice: Wild animals can be just as damaging as insects. Rats and mice chew anything they can sink their teeth into and can cause significant damage. They also contaminate your home with their urine and feces.


Squirrels: Like rats and mice, squirrels can cause damage to homes. They often move into attics for warmth and safety and may chew through weak parts of a home’s exterior to gain entry. Once inside, they can chew on wood, insulation, wiring, and more.


Honey Bees: Honey bees are important insects, but these pollinators can cause a lot of trouble indoors. When treated with insecticides, their unattended honey can leak out of the nest and deteriorate the surrounding structure. The hive can also attract scavengers, like rodents.


Indoor Ants: Many types of ants can be found living inside Florida homes. Pharaoh ants, white-footed ants, Argentine ants, and ghost ants are just some of the ant species you could encounter indoors. These pests feed on human foods and can contaminate your pantry goods.


Fire Ants: These aggressive ants can sting or bite if you get too close. While you probably already know that they can make using your backyard less enjoyable, you may not know that they can also hurt your home. If they get inside transformer boxes or air conditioners, they can ruin them and cause power outages.


German Cockroaches: German cockroaches can spread bacteria, parasitic worms, and other human pathogens. They can contaminate your food or food surfaces and make you sick. These pests can also be an allergy trigger.


Bed Bugs: Bed bugs won’t damage your home’s structure, but they can definitely hinder a good night’s sleep by attacking while you sleep. It’s never enjoyable to wake up with nasty bites every morning. Bed bugs can also cause soiling of your sheets or furniture, sometimes causing these items to deteriorate to the point of needing to be replaced.


If you’re worried about these pests, call the Tampa pest control specialists at Apex.