fbopengraphFor people living in the state of Florida, dealing with pests is a given. Our warm temperatures generally found year round are just as welcoming to residents and visitors of the state as it is for bugs. These pests can quickly take over your home and lawn and leave nothing but destruction in their paths. At Apex, we use a wide variety of tools for Orlando pest removal to help our customers regain control of their property and lawns and to truly be pest free. Here are some of the tools that we find most effective when dealing with pest removal.

  • Fumigation: When homes are taken over by pests, sealing off a whole home, or just a room, and injecting it with pesticide works. This type of pest control is effective in tackling large amounts of infested space in a short amount of time.
  • Traps: These types of weapons for pest control are generally used for smaller infestations, such as a catch-and-release traps for mice or a sticky one used for insects.
  • Baited Traps: We put these types of traps in outlets within walls and in kitchen cabinets, all places where pests such as the cockroach love to live. Generally, the pests consume the bait and then leave the area to die.
  • Pesticide Spray: This type of defense is ideal for places where the pests are found in one area. We also use this type of Orlando pest control for the attic, crawlspaces, perimeter of structures, and the garage.

At Apex, these are just some of the tools of our Orlando pest removal trade. Armed with an arsenal of weapons to tackle any type of pest that calls your house their home, the professionals here have seen and dealt with it all. Please call 866-675-4070 to schedule our team to come out and provide a solution for your pest problem or you can contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.