christmas-581754_1920Everyone seems to gather around during the holiday season, and that can include, unfortunately, pests. In Florida, our amazingly pleasant wintertime weather means the creatures many in the country only associate with the summer are our companions year-round. Keeping insects out of your holiday get together is vital to ensure holiday gathering success. Orlando pest control is a constant battle, but one that can be made much easier with some simple tips and help from local experts, such as those at Apex. There are also some things that can be done more specifically to your home before and after the big holiday gathering that will ensure great memories which don’t include spiders and cockroaches.

Here are some simple tips that can go a long way to ensuring you are watching the football game on TV and not chasing the Florida Palmetto Bugs:


Something simple that you should do every fall and early winter is to check your home for cracks and crevices. Over the long summer months, our blistering, local sunshine has a way of warping and cracking areas around doors and windows that might not always be immediately apparent to you during that first sweet cold front. But they are very noticeable to pests. Check screens and woodwork, and use some simple caulking on even the most minor cracks. It will go a surprisingly long way.

Food Storage

The food is for you, not for the bugs. But try telling them that. Pests are attracted to your home for two reasons: shelter and food. One is very easy to eliminate (food), by simply getting your terrific leftovers boxed up and put away as quickly as possible. It’s always a good idea to have your trash cans as far away from your house as can be physically allowed. Again, simple, but less loose food equals fewer pests.

Holiday Decorations

A tradition in a lot of homes is putting up the true bulk of the holiday decorations over the long Thanksgiving weekend. But guess who has moved into those old cardboard boxes and last years wreaths over those long 11-months in the attic? That’s correct, pests. Smaller issues can be taken care of for next year by being a little proactive this year (ditch the cardboard, box everything in plastic), but if you see bigger issues when you peek into that garage or attic, it might be a good time to call some professionals.

And speaking of professionals, there’s no one better at Orlando pest control than the friendly bug battling magicians at Apex. Contact us today at (866) 675-4070: we offer a free no obligation quote and will always get back to you within 24-hours.