flea-63043_1280Fleas are highly affected by heat and humidity, making Florida’s year-round warmth an ideal habitat for the tiny critters. Recent weather has made things particularly bad this year–first we had a cooler than average winter, then we had all that rain in the spring, and now we’ve had warmer than average temperatures–it’s all adding up to a very active flea season as the summer progresses.

Most people know that if you have pets, especially dogs and/or cats, you have an increased risk of fleas in the home. Pets generally let you know they have a problem by aggressively scratching themselves. Closer inspection generally reveals bite marks on the skin and frass in the fur. Your veterinarian can help clear up the problem for your pet, but that won’t solve the problem of the fleas your pet has brought into the house–for that, you need the expertise of a Tampa pest control professional.

Even homes without pets can become infested with fleas. These hard-to-see pests wind up living in your carpet, under cushions and in other dark places. Typically, being parasites, they bite people–the result is a mark similar to, but smaller than a mosquito bite. Besides being itchy, flea bites can be dangerous. Fleas carry harmful parasites that can cause health problems and sometimes allergic reactions. In home infestations people often find multiple bites over a single area of their body. If you suspect you might have a flea problem, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals, fleas can multiply rapidly, leaving your family at risk.

Quite often, flea infestations inside the home originate outside in the lawn, that’s why it’s important to keep the grass mowed and the lawn clean and free of debris. Also, beware of standing water–it attracts all manner of pests. If you suspect you have a flea infestation in your home, don’t bother with over-the-counter foggers or bombs, as they only kill the adult fleas, and when their eggs hatch you’ll be right back where you started. Instead, for complete, safe flea control and removal, contact the Tampa pest control pros at Apex right away.

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