termitesWhen you open the door to the north side of your house, you note the wood door frame is rotting at the base. You think nothing of it for a few months, then look again and realize the damage is growing. What you first believed was simple water damage is more than likely termite destruction. Unfortunately, if you see termite damage, the amount the termites have already gnawed through that you do not see could be extreme. Even if you do not see telltale rotted wood along door frames, other signs may indicate the presence of termites. Read below for a list of clues brought to you by Apex Pest Control, your termite control in Orlando experts, to help you determine whether your home may have been invaded by termites.

  • You See Wings: If you have a basement or carport that has evidence of clear insect wings flittering about, termites may have created a nest nearby. During spring, termites sprout wings to fly from their home nest. When they find a good location and a mate, they drop their wings and begin work on their new home. A large collection of wings indicates many termites may be lurking nearby.
  • Woods Hollowed Out or with Tunnels: Hollowed wood, or wood with tunnels running through it, are some other signs that termites are near. Sometimes, the wood contains termites, larva, or nymphs. Any wood with signs of insects in it should be taken far from your home. Knock on the wood around your home’s perimeter in search of a hollow sound. If any hollowed wood is located, call an exterminator immediately. Not only will you require complete termite control services, but you will probably have to replace the affected wood within your home.
  • Mud Tunnels: Many termites travel through mud tunnels they build along the ground or a few inches above it. These tunnels usually lead from one opening of the nest to another and often cling to the sides of buildings.
  • How to See Them: At night, use a flashlight to look for termites gathering in clusters or lurking in cracks along the lower walls of your home. Termites are nocturnal, meaning it will be simpler to find them at night while they are active.

Because termites can cause such huge amounts of damage, it is imperative to treat your home now. Any signs of damage should be replaced and the entire home treated regularly to ensure the original problem leaves and does not return. Call Apex Pest Control, your termite control in Orlando, at (866) 675-4070, and read our latest blogs for information pertaining to termites and other pests, home pest control, and yard maintenance.

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