Year round, ticks pose a problem for Florida residents. These bothersome and often dangerous mites can be found in areas of tall grass and high humidity, making your untreated Florida property a perfect location for breeding and feeding. Since ticks can pose serious health threats to you and your family, it is important to contact professional exterminators in the case of an infestation. Apex can help.

Don’t Let Ticks Threaten Your Health and Safety

There are over 90 varieties of ticks that can be found within the continental United States, five of which are common in Florida. The Brown Dog tick, American Dog tick, Lone Star tick, Black-Legged tick, and Gulf Coast tick are all denizens of the Southeast. These pests prefer to live in unkempt yards and wooded areas and use the tall vegetation to make contact with their hosts. A variety of animals are susceptible to tick bites, from the smallest mouse to the tallest man.

Ticks feed at three different periods in their life cycle–the larva stage, nymph stage, and adult stage–finding a new host for each feast. Once the tick attaches to its host, which may be a human, dog, or cat, it can feed for several hours while remaining undetected. While ticks may seem large in pictures, adults are usually no bigger than a sesame seed, making them difficult to find and eradicate.

If the tick is allowed to feed, it has the potential to transmit a number of serious diseases to its host. Lyme disease is the most widely-recognized illness, which brings with it a signature bullseye-shaped rash, fevers, chills, muscular stiffness, and fatigue. A number of other tick-transmitted illnesses produce flu-like symptoms and can easily be misdiagnosed.

Coordinated Treatments Eliminate Ticks for Good

There are a number of steps you can take to help prevent tick infestations. Always keep your yard well-groomed, being sure to cut down tall grass and trim unruly, low-hanging vines. Perform this maintenance every few weeks if you find that ticks are a repeated problem. Additionally, make sure that your fence is maintained to keep out deer, raccoons, and any other potential carriers.

You can take steps to help prevent ticks from inhabiting your yard, including:

  • Add pest-repelling plants:You can naturally deter numerous pests — including ticks, mosquitoes and wasps — thanks to various kinds of plants. Vegetation that is proven to control pests includes thyme, citronella, geraniums, and eucalyptus. Thyme can also be a useful herb for cooking, while other solutions increase your yard’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Inspect areas frequented by your pet: If you frequently let your cat or dog roam around your property, chances are they’ll find their own favorite spots to enjoy the sunshine. You should always check these spaces, as ticks continuously hunt for new hosts. Once a host is found, the ticks will hang out within 50 feet of the area. Cool and shady places are a tick’s preferred area, which means that you should treat kennels and the underside of bushes and porches.

Contact Apex Pest Control for Superior Tick Removal Services

Ticks are extremely tenacious pests. As such, every area should be treated in a coordinated manner to prevent future cycles from emerging. At Apex, we begin by treating the outside of your house. Ticks are capable of climbing through trees and bushes and will cling to your home after the yard is treated. We will ensure that your home is extremely unwelcoming to ticks through a uniquely formulated series of chemicals. After the exterior of your home is treated, we will do a thorough cleaning of the interior, leaving no stone unturned. It may be necessary to treat all floor spaces and furniture in your home, as well as surrounding lawn and landscape areas to prevent further tick entry and eliminate the insects already present.

Following your first visit, your personal Apex technician will stop by for additional visits focusing on outdoor perimeter pest prevention to ensure that your home’s pest defenses are functioning as intended. Your home and family will be safe under our watchful care.

In any situation with potential health risks, extermination is best left to the professionals. At Apex Pest Control, we have the treatments needed to effectively wipe out any tick population while keeping you and your family safe. Both inside and outside the house, our professionals perform comprehensive testing and procedures to make sure that ticks get out and stay out.

Don’t leave your health in the hands (or segmented legs) of these parasites. Contact Apex at the first sign of a tick infestation and rest easy. We provide unparalleled pest control for ticks.