tickTicks are one of the scariest bugs you can encounter in Florida. They can live in your grass, bushes, or in animal’s fur. They latch onto your skin and feed on your blood, and as they feed, they can transfer all kinds of diseases. Tampa pest control professionals recommend being wary of these tick-borne diseases.

Colorado Tick Fever

Colorado tick fever is a viral infection you can get from tick bites. As the name suggests, it’s most often seen in Colorado. It can still occur in other parts of the United States, including Florida. It usually starts three to six days after the tick bite occurs. The viral infection causes a sudden fever that goes away and then comes back. It can also cause a headache, muscle aches, nausea, and other flu-like symptoms.

Relapsing Fever

Relapsing fever is an infectious disease you can get from ticks. Symptoms start three to 11 days after the tick bite. The symptoms can go away, and then return several days later. Symptoms can include a high fever, headache, rapid heart rate, and rash.


Ticks can spread parasitic diseases, too. Babesiosis is one of these diseases. It’s spread by deer ticks. The disease doesn’t always cause symptoms, but when symptoms occur, they appear one to four weeks after a tick bite. People with this disease can feel malaise, tiredness, decreased appetite, or muscle aches.


Tularemia is a disease that usually occurs in animals, but people can get it if they’re bitten by an infected tick. Mosquitoes and deer fly can also spread the disease. Within 21 days of getting bitten by a tick, symptoms can start. These symptoms can be severe. People with the disease could have an open sore at the bite site, a severe headache, or a sudden, high fever.


Ehrlichiosis is often found in the southern United States, so it’s a concern for Floridians. It’s an infectious disease that people can get from ticks. Symptoms can start one to 21 days after being bitten by a tick. The symptoms are flu-like and can include a fever, headache, and general ill feeling. A purple or red rash can also occur.

Protecting Yourself

These diseases can be treated, but it’s best to avoid getting bitten by ticks in the first place. When you’re outdoors, take precautions like tucking your pants into your socks and wearing insect repellent. Indoors, check your pet’s living spaces for signs of ticks.

Ticks are scary, but you don’t have to let them hurt your health. The Tampa pest control experts at Apex can help you stay healthy by keeping ticks at bay. Read our blog for tips on how to rid your home and your animal from unwanted ticks and more!