There’s nothing worse than opening a box of your favorite breakfast cereal only to discover that insects are already snacking on it. Since bugs love many of the same foods that people do, this experience isn’t surprising. Apex Pest Control experts recommend focusing on preventing these hungry pests.

bowl of cerealFavorite Foods for Pantry Pests

Pantry pests will feast on nearly any dry foods. Besides cereals, flours, and spices, they also eat dried fruits, chocolates, cookies, and even pet foods.

When small numbers of pests are present, they can go unnoticed. Later, when the pest population increases, you may notice bugs in your cupboards, on your counters, or in packages of food. Sometimes, people don’t realize a food is infested with pantry pests until they’ve already eaten it.

Where Pantry Pests Come From

Pantry pests can enter homes in infested food products. These products can become infested at any point in the supply chain, including in the warehouse, delivery vehicle, or the grocery store. Sometimes, they can fly through open windows or doors.

To prevent infestations, inspect any packaged goods before purchasing. Check for tears or holes in the packaging, and if you find any, don’t buy the item. Unfortunately, foods can still be infested with bugs, even if the packaging is undamaged. When you get home from the grocery store, transfer your pantry items into hard plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. If pantry items are infested, the bugs will be confined to the containers.

Control Methods

When pantry pests move into your home, they must be controlled. To successfully control these bugs, you need to inspect your pantry and remove the infested food. Once the infested foods are removed, the number of pantry pests in your home should decrease quickly.

Clean your cupboards and pantry shelves to remove any crumbs or spilled foods. Vacuum and wash these surfaces thoroughly to avoid attracting any more pests.

Typically, insecticide sprays aren’t required for pantry pest infestations. If throwing out infested food and cleaning thoroughly doesn’t eliminate the pests, contact a licensed pest control professional for help. They have the experience to apply the necessary insecticides safely and effectively.

Pantry pests are gross and getting rid of them can be inconvenient. To avoid these problems, take steps to keep these creepy pests out of your home. If they’ve already moved in, Apex Pest Control can help you reclaim your pantry. We serve over 30 counties in and around the following areas: Orlando, Brevard, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade/Broward County, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.