prettylawnandtreesFlorida seems like the perfect location to grow almost any plant you can purchase. Placing non-native plants in your yard may be less satisfying than you imagine, however. Indigenous plant species will thrive in environments exotic plants may not be suited for, no matter how beautiful and healthy they look in the store. Below are three points of interest Orlando lawn care company, Apex Pest Control, would like you to consider before you purchase that perfect plant.

  • The Balance: Your yard is its own tiny environmental microcosm. Nature has provided the proper balance of nutrients for the soil and atmosphere, and local animals have adapted to the biological plant life within that area. Introducing a non-indigenous species of plant into the mix will upset that delicate balance by possibly bringing in additional insects not normally associated with the surrounding plants, or usurping more nutrients than the plants near it need to survive, thereby starving the native vegetation.
  • Why Do Species Matter? Invasive species of plants and animals are the second-most dangerous threat to the environment worldwide; humankind is first. All plants harbor bacteria and some viruses. Introducing these normally benign organisms into an environment where they are not acclimated may cause an infiltration that kills most of the plants within a specific distance.
  • Knowledge is Key: Most large box stores carry a vast array of beautiful, exotic plants that are unsuited for the climate where they are shipped. Shopping at a local nursery supports your local economy and provides you with knowledgeable gardeners who can tell you which local plants are best suited for your garden or yard. The plants may cost a little more, but the information and satisfaction are worth the price, especially when the health of your entire lawn or garden is at stake.

Contact Orlando lawn care professionals, Apex Pest Control, at (866) 675-4070 for advice on the perfect plants for your yard and garden, and read our past blogs for articles pertaining to plants and yard vegetation. Understanding the harmony or discord new plants can produce on an existing setting will give you a much better appreciation for the beauty of native foliage.