chefs-kitchen-1515844_1280Central Florida is simply a magnet for termites. Our climate is not only a conducive environment for the rampaging insects, but the power and ferocity of the year-round heat corrodes structures, opening them up as possible termite homes. Orlando pest removal experts at Apex are well versed in these possibilities and the issues that come along with them. In Orlando, we have a mix of older structures and, in the very nearby suburbs, semi-rural land that makes for a potent setup for many kinds of termites. As anyone who has ever had termites before will tell you: it’s easier to keep them out than to remove them. Often, you see the damage before the pests themselves, and by that point, a colony probably has already taken root somewhere in the structure. Termites can act fast, so you have to try and prevent them with proactive measures before they ever become a problem.

All seasons in Central Florida can be a season for termites, but they tend to be most active in the spring and, often, early fall. The two common types locally are the drywood termite and the subterranean termite, each with its own versatile ways of wreaking havoc to your domicile. As the name would suggest, subterranean termites generally keep their colonies underground (which can grow to immense sizes) and are often difficult to spot due to this very nature. Additionally, they are probably the less picky eaters of the two typical Florida species with anything from paper to fabric to (of course) wood falling into their diet. Because of this, subterranean termites find opportunity just about anywhere.

By contrast, drywood termites are more stereotypical in their actions. Again, as their name suggests, they target wood primarily and look for the weakest and softest variety they can find. This leads them into corroded portions of older homes or aging outdoor, wooden structures where they can cause enormous damage rather quickly. It is not hard to picture what an insect versed in consuming wood can do to a compromised wooden structure.

With all this noted, the best option is termite protection as compared to removal. And there are some easy things you can do, such as discarding and breaking down any wooden structures that sit outside of your home, and vigilance is always key (termites can be most easily detected by mud tubes and, well, wood damage). But for comprehensive treatments, sealants, and termite protection, it’s usually a job best left for an expert. Fortunately, whether it’s prevention or Orlando pest removal, Apex has local specialists ready to go. Dealing with Florida termites since 1985, we pride ourselves on quick and friendly service that gets the job done. We can identify trouble spots before they become actual trouble, a key to termite prevention, and offer a free no obligation inspection and quote. Simply call 866-675-4070 for more information.