termite-specialTermites are on the move in Florida, spreading their short-lived wings and discovering new venues to create nests. Knowing that any sign of damage in your home generally implies an infestation, the best line of defense is to protect your home before termite damage is noticed. Calling Apex Pest Control, the Orlando termite control experts, to inspect your home this spring will give you peace of mind that your home is covered. Apex will treat your home with Termidor®, a highly-rated termite protection termiticide that kills existing termites and keeps new termites from burrowing into your home. Read below for homeowner tips to make homes less inviting to termites.

  • Use termite-resistant mulch around your home, and keep all mulch a few inches from your home’s exterior walls.
  • Wooden trellises are attractive, but do not affix them to your home’s façade. Instead, erect them in your garden as a stand-alone structure or on a permanent trellis mounted in the ground.
  • Remove all wood scraps from around your home. If you use a fireplace, store wood in an elevated container at least six inches off the ground.
  • Termites need a source of water to survive. If your home has had any leaks repaired in the roof, under the sub-floor, or in the concrete slab of your home, tell your exterminator. Those areas are prone to infestation.
  • Trim all shrubbery away from your home’s foundation to keep termites from passing from a natural habitat into your home.
  • If you notice any dead wood or stumps in your yard that harbor termites, remove these items promptly.
  • Rain gutters should be maintained all year to prevent termites from setting up housekeeping in the moist, woody layer of leaves and small sticks that pile in unmaintained gutters.
  • Air conditioners naturally drip condensation. Ensure this condensation drains away from your home’s foundation.

These tips will make your home much more resistant to termites in the months between termite inspections. Ensure your home is covered by a termite warranty by calling the Orlando termite control experts at Apex Pest Control at (866) 675-4070 to set up an annual inspection.

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