real-estate-1686347_1280Central Florida can have some serious pest problems. A year-round temperate climate combined with plenty of water sources makes those problems varied and constant. One of the most serious responses to a pest issue in your home is the use of tent fumigation. It’s a type of termite control that is only to be done by absolute professionals.

Tent fumigations can be an important tool, particularly if a pest such as a termite is deeply ingrained into every portion of a structure. As a home or business owner that gets put in the position of needing tent fumigation, there are some critical things for you to know going in. Preparation is vital, and a sense of commitment to the treatment technique is a must. At Apex, pest control leaders in the Tampa area with decades of experience, we would offer these tips.


It looks like simply a big circus tent thrown over a home, but the amount of prep work that goes into getting a house ready is high. There is a myriad of little things that you may not even think of:

  • Every houseplant needs to be removed.
  • Open every door in the home. This helps create an even flow of air.
  • Remove every piece of food that you are looking to keep.
  • Take out bed linens and curtains.
  • Turn off any gas sources such as stoves.

Ask Questions

Most people will have their home tented perhaps once in the life of the structure, at most. So this will be a new and odd process. Know everything you need to about the procedure, and don’t be afraid to ask about what steps are being taken and why they are being taken.

Take the Proper Time

Fumigation times vary greatly for a lot of different reasons. Size and design of the structure, type of pest being targeted, and the need for additional treatments all may factor in. But you should be able to get a pretty good estimate from your fumigation provider. This can range from a few hours to a week, but with tent fumigation, playing it safe is always best. Never rush back into a home, and always make sure the job has been done thoroughly.

Trust Professionals

Tent fumigations are calculated and complex, so they are truly one of the pest management techniques that absolutely cannot be performed on a DIY basis. Go with those who have experience.

Few termite control companies have quite the experience as Apex. We recommend tent fumigations as a last resort and will always look into management and preventative measures well before this step, but we are ready when necessary. For more information on our tools and methods, contact us anytime at (866) 675-4070.