spider-1448506_1920Florida summers are truly like no other, and it’s difficult to describe to people not from here the unique changes that occur over our hot and humid months. But you don’t need to explain them to spiders; they understand the situation quite well. Professional Tampa pest control can be essential as the seasons change. With that in mind, below is a list of the some of the more common Florida spiders and where you may find them around your home.

Spiders move indoors and closer to homes for the same reason everything else does; they are looking for cooler areas. And for spiders, cool and dark is the most preferred. Summer also brings the wettest months, and this drives all pests (spiders included) to seek dryer ground. That can often mean your home. Be on the lookout for these five in particular:

Black Widow

Along with the brown recluse, which we’ll get to, the black widow is one of the more dangerous spiders in Florida. They are highly venomous and particularly hazardous to pets and small children. Black widows are drawn to dark and cluttered places and commonly can be found in low-traffic areas just outside your home.

Brown Recluse

Perhaps more dangerous than even a black widow, the bite of a brown recluse can lead to a long and painful recovery. They are prevalent in cluttered areas around your home: piles of wood, sheds, etc. They can also commonly be found in attics.

Jumping Spider

An athletic spider variation (as the name would suggest), jumping spiders wedge themselves into the small nooks and crannies of your home. This could include in the cracks of hardwood flooring, under bookshelves or around window molding.

Domestic House Spider

Common in all areas of the home, but prevalent in particular around water sources (like kitchens and bathrooms). They can also be found in and around furniture or even in window shades and blinds.

Southern House Spider

Southern house spiders are found all over Florida and may be one of the more common spiders you see while doing a little summer cleaning. Although harmless, they can still be a scare to the arachnophobia inclined. These spiders crave darkness and will rarely be found in illuminated areas of your home. Check corners, attics, closets, and any other indoor area that is bathed in perpetual darkness.
You as a homeowner can do quite a bit towards keeping spiders in check this summer. Constant vigilance is necessary, and caution must be used around the dangerous brown recluse and black widow. But a more carefree way to take care of a summer spider issue is to contact the Tampa pest control experts at Apex. Our decades of experience in the local area will pay off for you and provide constant peace of mind. Call today at (866) 675-4070.

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