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Tampa Termite Control

Because they are small and unobtrusive, it’s easy for termites to cause massive damage. They can go undetected for long periods of time, silently eating away at wood foundations until the foundation is too weak to support itself. If left unfettered, the tiny insects have the ability to chew through the entire structure of your home. If you suspect you may have a termite infestation, the best thing to do is act immediately. Call Apex Pest Control for Tampa termite control -we can put a stop to the damage wrought by hundreds of thousands of termites.

Although termites can live hidden behind walls and underground outside, that doesn’t mean they can’t be detected. Careful inspection will generally reveal telltales signs: discarded wings, frass, mud tubes, and/or weakened wood structures. Sadly, attempting to rid your home of such termites is not as simple as running to the store for over-the-counter remedies that are meant for eliminating termite mounds. Quite often, when a termite mound is destroyed, the termites simply move to a new site, causing destruction in another part of your house.

As for drywood termites, they tend to populate near the historic districts, such as:

  • Ybor City
  • St. Petersburg
  • Downtown St. Petersburg
  • Downtown Clearwater
  • Polk County
  • Winter Haven
  • Historic Tampa

Also evident in the Tampa area are Formosan termites, which can be just as destructive. Most believe that living in houses on stilts, that they are somehow exempt from termite intrusions. However, buildings above the ground level are just as prone to these termite attacks and require professional treatment.

Ensure You’re Pest-Free With Termite Fumigation Services in Tampa

When termites become fully established throughout your property, they might be the most challenging pest to remove. Luckily, we have the tools, skills and training to weed out these tiny wood-bearing invaders from their cozy tunnels and voids.

We offer comprehensive termite fumigation and tenting for when the problems move beyond the capability of other conventional treatments and preventative measures. After we conduct an inspection and inform you of the precautions you’ll need to take — leaving the area, storing loose items, etc. — we set up a system of tarps and tents to contain the chemicals and get the fumigation process started right away.

The fumigants we use are not easily attainable. They are heavily regulated and require specific certifications and training, which Apex technicians possess. We will pump the chemicals into the sealed area, using carefully calibrated technology to monitor and regulate levels.

Once we deem that the amount is enough to kill off the termites, which suffocate due to lack of oxygen, we will then engage in tearing down the erected structures and moving to aeration. Aeration allows for the fumes to disperse, free of residue, and this part usually takes about six to eight hours.

Overall, the setup, treatment and aeration process takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the size of the colony and its location. From there, we will schedule periodic inspections to check for any signs of recurrence. We also provide professional termite prevention services in Tampa, giving you increased protection for the future.

At Apex Pest Control, we understand termites, and we know how to get rid of them for good by using the best termite fumigation services in Tampa. We also understand the stress that termites can cause by not knowing if there are just a few around, or a nest of them eating away at wood beneath floors, behind walls, or the very foundation of a home. This stress is enough to keep homeowners up at night. Our experts are highly trained and skilled professionals, fully capable of performing Tampa termite control for any situation. They have access to the most up-to-date tools and utilize the latest techniques for eradicating termites. We offer a no-obligation inspection of your property and forthright estimates. If you have a problem, our experts can solve it, and you’ll pay only for what you get; we have no hidden fees.

In addition, our technicians are dedicated to your specific problems; you won’t get passed from one person to the next. We get to know you and your unique situation inside and out. Your complete satisfaction and safety are our primary concerns. If you think you might have a problem, don’t let termites destroy your home. Contact the Tampa termite control professionals at Apex Pest Control to learn more about how we can help you today.

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