The Tampa area has a variety of pests that match the diversity of the environment that surrounds the area. From saltwater bay fronts to historic districts such as Ybor City, the type of pests encountered takes an experienced and locally knowledgeable Tampa pest removal team. Apex Pest Control offers exactly that. With three decades of service in the state, and a wealth of information on the threats that specifically confront the Tampa area, Apex has a full range of services.

For the critters unique to a port town and the itinerant pests that take advantage of a friendly local climate, Apex has removal services to suit each. From drywood termites that can inhabit many of the aging structures in our downtown districts to rodents and Caribbean crazy ants that can take over lawns and rural pastures, our Tampa pest removal services are thorough and concentrated.

Lawns in Florida are particularly vulnerable to pests, and we have annual services to both remove and prevent the damaging spread of chinch bugs and mole crickets. Quotes are free, and our highly-trained service personnel know to look for problems that may not be readily apparent. Dub weeds and Pythium fungus are tricky to remove, requiring certain lawn watering schedules and maintenance. We have the tools and the know-how and can even create specific plans tailored exactly to the needs of your property. Lawns lead up to homes, and having a pest-free lawn makes for a welcoming entry place for your family….but a troublesome one for pests.

Tampa pest removal experts at Apex will respond to any queries within a minimum of 24-hours. Simply call 866-675-4070 for more information or to set up a removal timeframe. Apex Pest Control is built on the trust we have with our customers, and we will work tirelessly to make your property immune from any winged, multi-legged, or many-eyed creature that may have decided to make your home theirs. Professional care is the key to a successful eradication and a stress-free pest management situation. Let our years of experience work for you, and look forward to a Tampa home free of invasion and damage.