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Floridians are known for their green, lush lawns and many local homeowners consider it one of their most prized possessions. Creating a beautiful lawn takes care and attention. However, because of Florida’s mild and humid climate, that means looking after it all year long. If you want to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood, call the Tampa lawn care experts at Apex Pest Control. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make your yard the greenest one on the block.

Just because we live in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean that lawns here will naturally grow beautifully. At Apex Pest Control, we have dealt with and solved every type of problem lawns here face. Here are some of the things we deal with on a daily basis.

  • Fungus: Recently, an extensive amount of Pythium fungus has been seen growing in lawns. Dub weeds are also frequently growing due to the extensive amount of rain Florida receives. Because this type of fungus can easily multiply if not being treated properly, homeowners need to know when and when not to water their lawn.
  • Chinch Bugs: This type of lawn lover loves to suck all the sap out of blades of grass. Signs of chinch bugs feasting on your lawn include small to large patches of brown and dying grass. Able to develop a resistance to pesticides, Apex is constantly adapting their chinch bug eradicating strategy to help homeowners keep their lawns free of these lawn pests.
  • Mole Crickets: These lawn destroyers tunnel under lawns and quickly destroy them. Signs that you may have mole crickets include the appearance of patches of brown grass among healthy green grass, blades of grass that have been severed from their roots, and the loose dirt and small openings that indicate tunneling activities.

All of our technicians are prepared for any problem, and you will receive the same technician from when you schedule service until the job is done so you get a reliable technician that understands your lawn’s needs.

In Florida, pest control and lawn care go hand in hand. There are many pests that wreak havoc on a lawn, as well as other exterior foliage. Some of those pests, such as nesting bees, can be outright dangerous, especially if one of your family members is allergic to a bee’s venom. Also, some pests that infest homes, such as termites, start out in the lawn. Homeowners turn to the Tampa lawn care professionals at Apex Pest Control for their caring and effective service. We have trained staff that understands both lawn care and pest control. Our technicians are capable of formulating solutions to target your lawn’s unique needs while also eliminating any invading and potentially dangerous lawn pests.

At Apex Pest Control, we understand that lawn care must change with the seasons. For example, fertilizing needs change depending on moisture, heat levels, and day length. Also, pest control techniques must vary because different pests have different life cycles. A selected professional with our team can set up a seasonally-based schedule for you that targets the needs of your lawn, whether it’s summer, winter, or the time in-between. We also understand that lawn care is not a one-size-fits-all proposition because there are a variety of grass types, drainage is unique to each home, and exposure to weeds and pests also varies. Your Tampa lawn care technician will blend fertilizers and pest treatments on-site based on their evaluation of the lawn’s needs. Each of our plans is specifically designed to fit each unique lawn. By taking a customized approach, we’re maximizing your lawn’s health and longevity.

If you want the best-looking lawn possible, let us give it the nutrients and support it needs to grow thick and verdant. To learn more about how we can help your lawn, contact Apex Pest Control today.

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I have used Apex for about five years and my lawn is beautiful.
Carolyn G, Orlando

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