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Florida’s warm, balmy climate means pest control services in Tampa are in high demand.

Because it rarely gets cold, our part of the country is particularly favorable to a wide variety of pests. Our environment can also produce a variety of other risk factors including, standing water from the rainy season, rotting fruits, clogged gutters, overgrown vegetation and damaged building exteriors.

For that reason, homeowners select Apex Pest Control for their pest control needs. At Apex, our customers know they’re in good hands throughout the Sunshine State.

Apex Pest Control has been providing Tampa and the Central Florida region with the most cutting-edge pest control service since 1985. Our technicians have a wide variety of tools at their disposal, and they’re trained in the latest techniques and technology available. We get the job done and get it done right. We have more than 100 years of combined experience, which gives us a decisive edge over other pest control companies in Tampa.

While the beautiful weather makes Florida one of the best places to live, the city of Tampa is often home to many pests, pests in which we know how to eradicate, including:

  • Caribbean Crazy Ants: Foraging for food, Caribbean crazy ants can spot a house from two miles away. Despite their small size, these ants come grouped together in the thousands, which then requires the house and the whole yard to be treated.
  • Roaches: Many of the older homes found within the historic districts of the greater Tampa area experience problems with roaches. Apex Pest Control can help any home or business owner get their roach problem under control.
  • Rodents: Since Tampa is near the port, rodents also tend to be a major problem. Apex Pest Control specializes in removing these rodents and other unwanted intruders, such as bats, while ensuring that they do not return.
  • Mosquitoes: With excessive humidity, standing rainwater and an abundance of unprotected skin, mosquitoes thrive throughout the region. They’re a consistent problem, too, as they can carry numerous dangerous diseases that put your family at risk. Citronella candles won’t save you from established breeding grounds nearby, but our extensive pest control services in Tampa can.
  • Formosan Termites: Introduced from Asia in the 1980s, Formosan termites are a variation of subterranean termite that will quickly damage your home if given the chance. In as little as three-to-four months, you could face significant structural issues and a massive colony spread throughout the property. We offer extensive termite control, fumigation and tenting to mitigate infestations.
  • Ticks: These nasty pests, especially a species known as the Gulf Coast tick, remain a constant threat for people who live in and around Tampa. Ticks, like other insects, flourish in moist climates, and increased vegetation growth provides them with more hiding spots and paths to hosts. Apex can provide environmentally-friendly control methods that repel ticks from your property, and our experts can also offer advice to set you up for long-term protection.

We also offer each and every customer unsurpassed customer service. When you call us for help, we’ll send out an individual service expert who will know your unique case inside and out. You won’t be passed from professional to professional. Instead, you’ll get personal attention and service dedicated to your unique circumstances.

At Apex, we stand by a commitment to fairness and honesty. We offer a no-obligation inspection of your property by a certified Tampa pest control expert. If we find something, we will explain in detail what we found and what it will take to get rid of the problem for you, and you’ll get a forthright estimate every time. Our customers pay only for what they get; no hidden fees or add-ons.

Learn why so many Central Florida homeowners turn to us for pest control services in Tampa. We understand the anxiety and fear that can follow the discovery of a pest infestation in your home. Our service technicians will put you at ease with their empathetic manner and professionalism, and they have the skills and know-how to get the job done right. Apex is your trusted Tampa pest control company. Call us today!

Service beyond
the expected.

The technician was very professional, neat and on time. He inspected my house and found a trail of ants….NO MORE ANTS!! Thank you Apex.
Richard B, Orlando

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators has recently acquired Apex Pest Control, Inc.. For more information regarding this merger, please visit this link.