tap2Termites love Florida’s warm and moist subtropical climate. With the abundance of wood, Florida is the ultimate termite home. Unfortunately, termites snack on more than fallen tree branches; they attack the wood outside and inside your home and within the walls. Learning the habits of termites will help you note any changes and determine whether you need to contact the Orlando termite control team at Apex Pest Control.

  • Their Seasonality: With spring and warmer weather, termites are stimulated to swarm. Termites do not typically fly, so if you see them swarming in large numbers, they have left their previous home and are looking for a mate to create a new colony. Once they land, wings are shed and the colony begins, and it may be much closer to your home than the existing colony.
  • The Signs of an Infestation: Signs of termite infestation are generally not noticed by homeowners until damage is evident. If you see termites around a tree or in decaying wood near your home, they may be content to munch on natural sources. However, it is a very good idea to remove any fallen branches or decaying wood, including mulch, to keep termites far from your home. Another telltale sign of termites is evidence of mud tunnels. These tubes are conduits for termites to travel unnoticed from one area to the next. If you see termites or their mud tunnels around your home’s foundation, contact a pest control company.
  • Treatment of Termites: Treating termites seems like a pretty easy procedure: simply drive to the local hardware store and purchase a bag of termite control pellets. How sure are you that they work, though? Do they have any warranty against infestation? When it comes to protecting your home from damage, choose a pest control specialist to carefully inspect your home and property, determine the types of termites on your property, and chemically treat the nests and your home with the correct insecticide at the proper dosage. Apex proudly backs its termite protection with a $1 million warranty.

Entomologists in Florida have recently discovered a hybrid termite that has been destroying wood across the state. Ensure your home is protected with a thorough termite inspection by the Orlando termite control specialists at Apex Pest Control. Read more about termites and other pests in our blogs, and call Apex today at (866) 675-4070 for an appointment to meet with our termite professionals.

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