mammal-907690_1280Mickey Mouse is the iconic symbol of Central Florida. While you may have a love affair with Disney’s mouse, rodents are not acceptable in most Florida homes. Rats, mice, and other rodents carry diseases and bite when cornered, possibly spreading hantavirus, listeria, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis. While they often appear cute and harmless, never handle wild animals yourself. Consult an expert any time you find a wild animal within your home. Read below for Orlando pest control leaders, Apex Pest Control’s, advice on keys to recognizing rodent habitats and keeping your home free of these unwanted invaders.

  • Be in the Know: Knowing what type of rodent is living in your house will facilitate expert elimination. Many homeowners do not know the difference between a mouse and a rat. A mouse is approximately the length of your index finger while a rat is the length of your hand when you fingers are outstretched.
  • Look for Evidence: Damage from mice, rats, and other rodents may be evident in gnawed wood in wall supports or door frames, chewed carpet near entryways, papers (books, magazines, newspapers) with ragged edges, gnawed insulation and wallboards, etc. These materials are either eaten to keep the rodent’s ever-growing teeth a manageable size, or used as bedding and nesting materials.
  • Fire Hazard: At least 25% of home fires in the United States are due to mice: they eat through the insulation on electrical cords and the exposed wires arc and ignite nearby dry wood or paper.
  • Allergies: Allergy sufferers may be susceptible to a chemical in mouse urine that triggers an immune response. A recent study noted that 35% of all homes tested had detectable levels that would stimulate an allergic reaction, and trace amounts of the chemical were found in 82% of homes within the study. Another allergy and asthma trigger is mouse droppings, which trigger more allergic reactions than dust and mold.
  • Colder Weather: Colder weather outside means more rodents inside. Your cozy home is an inviting haven; check for small cracks in your windowsills, doorways, or attics that could be possible entry points for mice or rats. Mice can pop through any hole ¼” or larger.

If you see evidence of any rodents in your living space or attic, contact Orlando pest control experts, Apex Pest Control, at (866) 675-4070 immediately. One visible mouse typically means at least one whole family of mice somewhere on the premises, and the team at Apex has the knowledge to keep rodents off your property once they are removed.