animal-22872_1920Summer is the time of year we spend long afternoons outdoors and in our beautiful Florida environment. From barbeques to fireworks, trips to the beach and golf outings, Central Florida has an abundance of outdoor options. Of course, we have a temperate year-round climate as well, but it’s still one that tempers the amount of pests and bugs during the winter. During the summer, the gloves come off; pests of all varieties blossom annually and range from mosquitoes to wasps. Combine that with the sheer number of people enjoying the summer months outside, and you have an uptick in the amount of pest stings and bites. This is something that the experts in Orlando pest control are very familiar with.

As mentioned, the range of stinging pests in Central Florida is wide. Wasps, hornets, bees, fire ants, mosquitoes and many more can be a problem this time of year. Mosquitoes and wasps, in particular, are active in much greater numbers over the summer. So what can you and your family do to be better protected?

  • Avoid Aggressive Situations

Wasps sting in defense of their nest or for self-protection, and they can do so multiple times with precision. It’s important to also keep in mind that they give off a scent that essentially calls for reinforcements if injured. So, in short, stay calm and avoid any escalating an aggressive wasp situation.

  • Watch Out for Nests

Obviously, this is key and something children need to be made particularly aware of. Aggravating a pest nest, either on purpose or by accident, is the easiest route to a painful sting. Be aware that they can be in many places ranging from the ground to the high corners of a structure.

  • Keep Scents in Mind

Wasps use scents as a means of communication for defense. It is often advised to limit wearing scents that are similar to flowers or plants in smell. These can be confused for actual flowers and cause issues.

  • Stay in Screened Areas

This tip is simple, but useful. The easiest way to stay away from the many stinging insects of Florida is to stay in screened areas as much as possible in the summer months.

  • Avoid Wearing Yellow and White

Two colors that attract wasps, in particular, are yellow and white. They are similar to the colors of flowers they frequently feed on. If venturing into a high-pest area, it’s wise to consider some other clothing colors.

With a few simple precautions, such as the above, you and your family can enjoy a summer without painful stings. And with quality professional Orlando pest control from the specialists at Apex, you can go even a step further towards securing your home or business from insect nests. For a free, no-obligation inspection, as well as a quote, call anytime at   (866) 675-4070.