antsIf you’ve lived in Central Florida for a while, you’ve encountered a lot of bugs. Central Florida’s hot and humid climate is the perfect environment for all kinds of bugs, as you’ve learned firsthand. Bugs have always been a problem in the summer months, but during recent summers, their populations have grown. Orlando pest control experts warn that these bugs can colonize your home and hibernate.

Why are there more summer bugs than there used to be? Environmental changes are to blame for the rise in summer insect populations.

Rising Temperatures

When it’s cold outside, Floridians stay indoors, and summer bugs do the same thing. During the colder months of the year, these bugs hibernate. When warm weather arrives, they head out and enjoy the heat.

You’ve probably heard that the Earth is getting warmer. 2016 was the warmest year on record, and 2017 is on track for record-breaking heat, too. The rising temperatures let summer bugs stay active all year long. Bugs that would normally die off in the colder winter months are able to survive through the unusually warm winters, too.


Not too long ago, Florida was in the middle of a severe drought. Florida saw drier than normal conditions for several months. These dry conditions aren’t ideal for bugs. Many bugs like a damp climate, so they try to avoid areas of drought. Now that the drought is over, the bugs are back.


Central Florida is notorious for daily showers. The constant rain isn’t fun for people, but some bugs love it. The water brings mosquitoes since they use standing water to breed. Immediately after a rainfall, plenty of other summer bugs come out to find food. That’s why you see so many bugs during the summer.

Bug Breeding Grounds

Planting areas and gardens are a great habitat for summer bugs of all kinds. That’s because these areas are moist and substantially cool at times. Plus, they can find plenty to eat in planting areas and gardens.

Fruit flies are one of the bugs that increase during harvest seasons. During the warmer months, larvae close to the plants and crops hatch. Then, they start feeding on the plants. Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetimes, which is why your garden quickly becomes infested with these bugs.

These environmental factors give summer bugs the perfect formula to continue breeding. While summer is already underway, it’s not too late to take preventative measures against the bugs. The Orlando pest control experts at Apex can help you enjoy the rest of your summer without being eaten alive by bugs. Contact us today to learn more about how bugs can affect your home!