Living on a barrier island is stunning, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side of the island and Tampa Bay on the other. This bustling metropolitan area should only include a plethora of people, though, not pests. The St. Petersburg pest control company to contact if your population has more than two legs is Apex Pest Control.

The beach is beautiful to visit, and bringing home sand in your shoes is part of the joy of walking along the seven miles of St. Petersburg public shoreline. Make sure you are only bringing home sand, though. Clean your feet thoroughly before entering your vehicle to ensure you are not inadvertently bringing home fleas or other ornery pests. At home, be careful when opening small, enclosed areas, such as mailboxes or bird feeders so you do not disturb an angry wasp building a nest. Watch where you walk on the yard, especially after the sprinklers are on or after a summer rain shower since fire ants head above the ground when their tunnels are soggy. If you do note any of these troublesome pests, call the St. Petersburg pest control experts at Apex Pest Control to ensure the first time you see them is the last.

Inside your home should belong to your family, not a family of mice or roaches. Keep these germ-ridden critters out with a call to the St. Petersburg pest control company that can be trusted to eradicate your worst pest problem: Apex Pest Control. A team of trained professionals will examine your home for termite damage, roach hideouts, mouse nests, and any other areas where offensive pests like to hide.

Give Apex Pest Control a call today at (866) 675-4070 to schedule an appointment with the St. Petersburg pest control company of choice. Apex’s experts will ensure your home, yard, garden, and pool area are people friendly, not pest friendly.