St. Cloud’s motto is “Celebrating Small Town Life,” and it does just that as it sits in a peaceful remove from the tourism hubs that border it. With Kissimmee to the north and Orlando about 26-miles away, St. Cloud slips a bit under the radar as one of Central Florida’s best little towns, but it has never gone unnoticed by its local St. Cloud pest control experts at Apex. A friend of the local community for many years, and experts in its unique topography, our team is perfectly positioned to assist St. Cloud in any pest needs.

Celebrated for its nature, the crown jewel of St. Cloud sits on the distinctive shores of East Lake Tohopekaliga. A mammoth Florida lake, covering over eleven-thousand acres, that’s known for recreation, fishing, alligators, and its uncommonly clear water. It’s a lake built for a summer day: which tends to be most days, as St. Cloud’s climate is thoroughly sub-tropical. From the tendrils of softly swaying moss, to the placid lakeside waters, St. Cloud is a peaceful place and family neighborhood. The city itself has actually been in place, officially, since 1909, and with such history comes an understated but striking downtown district. As well as the historic (and haunted?) St. Cloud Hotel.

With this mix of historic, environmental, semi-urban, and small town elements, St. Cloud is an interesting area for pest management. The city also has a constant parade of visitors passing through to the nearby tourist areas, which can act as conduits for traveling bugs and vermin. And Florida isn’t known as having seasons in the traditional sense, but it does, and the difference in terms of home and business protection from winter to summer can be fairly drastic. Apex Pest Control, your local St. Cloud leaders, know this all too well. It takes local knowledge to understand and detect the subtle features of pest management in this area. It also takes consistent research and a thorough institutional history of past and future issues: something Apex has in abundance. Old structures to newly built properties, and residents surrounded by brilliantly lit scrub forest to those in lofts above the downtown district, Apex is here to help in all of your St. Cloud pest control needs.