Squirrels are common in urban areas, and one of their favorite spots is inside your cozy attic. These fluffy-tailed rodents often make their homes in attics because they’re quiet, warm, and safe from predators. Why do squirrels live in attics? The Orlando pest removal experts at Apex have the answers.

Why Squirrels Live in Attics

squirrelIn wooded areas, squirrels prefer to live in trees. Sometimes they build leaf nests among the tree branches, and other times they live in tree cavity dens. In urban areas, trees can be in short supply, and that means squirrels need to adapt. To stay dry, safe, and warm, they move into people’s attics, where they can build cozy nests, raise their young, and hide from predators.

Dangers Associated with Squirrels

Squirrels can be cute when they’re outdoors, but they’re an annoyance when they decide to move indoors. Worse, their presence can be dangerous. Like other rodents, squirrels chew constantly and can damage vents, wires, insulation, roof timbers, and other structures.

Wild animals can spread diseases to people, and squirrels are no exception. Contact with squirrels or their urine can spread leptospirosis. This disease can cause a range of symptoms in people; some are lucky and don’t have any symptoms, while others have a flu-like illness or more serious symptoms, like meningitis or liver failure.

Getting Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels can enter attics through gaps like open vents, uncapped chimneys, and damaged soffit. Seal any holes to prevent this. However, if you currently have squirrels in your attic, make sure to leave one hole open so they’re able to leave.

The squirrels may eventually leave on their own, but you can quicken the process by making your attic a less appealing place to live. Loud music, flashing lights, or ammonia-soaked rags can encourage them to go live somewhere else. Once they leave, the last opening to the attic can be sealed.

Another option is to hire a pest management professional to remove the squirrels for you. Once done, potential entry points to the attic can be sealed.Squirrels belong outdoors, not in attics. If you discover a family of squirrels living in your attic, call the Orlando pest removal specialists at Apex.