mosquito-1754359_1280In a lot of ways, most pests are year-round residents of the Central Florida area. With only rare freezes and an environment that offers plenty of food, water, and cover, it’s the perfect spot for a wide variety of bugs. We are located in the sub-tropics, after all. But, to say this as a blanket statement would be untrue, as indeed there are some fluctuations and migrations of pests along the Florida peninsula. Contrary to popular opinion, and although it is generally warm (or scalding, point of view dependent) year round, Florida does have seasons. Winter, like everywhere else on Earth, is our low season for pests. It might be more fairly said, by any experienced Orlando pest control professional, that our low-season is just quite a bit higher than most.

Spring, without a doubt, marks the beginning of the frenzy in Central Florida pests that crescendos at the end of the hot and humid summer months. Spring is the time when maybe some of the creatures you saw rarely, if it all, as the New Year turned begin to make regular appearances. The list of Orlando area pest stalwarts that start to really blossom in these warming local months are mosquitoes, carpenter ants, and termites.


In a mild winter (such as this one), mosquitoes can exist year-round. Their occasional presence in February is nothing like their full-out attack in August, and spring is the time when this build up begins. It’s also a good time for you to prepare your home and family. Mosquito-borne illnesses, from the Zika virus to dengue fever, flourish as the year goes on. Good habits can be built in the spring; keep your home as secure as possible with the consistent emptying out of standing water and utilize repellent during spring evenings spent outdoors.

Termites and Carpenter Ants

In addition to the influx of mosquitoes, Florida residents experience the swarm of termites. Termites begin to create new colonies in the spring, which starts early for us. Don’t let your home become an easy target. They are looking for vulnerabilities, and by securing the exterior of structures and removing any possible food sources (which includes compromised outdoor wood and even tree stumps), you can solve the spring termite issues before ever having to worry about removal. Carpenter ants have a remarkably similar set of characteristics as termites, and, although they will generally not cause nearly as much damage, this is a two birds with one stone situation.

Finally, there’s a lot of things you can do to shore up your pest security situation this spring, but some things are best left to professionals. The best in Orlando pest control, Apex, will help you with some of the more sophisticated aspects of taking on pests. Our no-obligation inspections are a must this spring, so call us anytime at (866) 675-4070 to set up an appointment today.