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We would like to point out that at Apex Pest Control, we have a certain affinity for spiders. After all, these arachnids are nature’s original pest control technicians, using their webs to catch and devour all sorts of nasty, disease-spreading insects. But, while spiders have a place in the ecosystem, that place is not in your home. If you have a spider problem, you need to seek professional help to keep these beautiful creatures outside where they belong.

Spiders: Annoying, Disruptive, and Potentially Harmful

Spiders cause problems for homeowners in several ways. First, spiders are simply not very attractive house guests. Most people feel disturbed when they see one staring up at them from the bathroom sink or feel one go skittering across their leg.

Second, spiderwebs strung up around your home can be a real annoyance. No one wants to walk from one room to another and become entangled in an intricately woven but invisible web that has been diligently spun across the doorframe. Furthermore, spiderwebs are designed to catch things, and what they usually catch is dust and the bodies of soon to be dead insects, giving your home a gloomy, morbid look.

Finally, while most spiders are harmless to humans, there are a few species, particularly the brown recluse, that can cause nasty, even life-threatening, bites. Making sure that your home is free of these types of spiders is an important part of your pest control routine. When we conduct a free, same-day inspection of your home, we’ll check on problem areas likely to harbor the kinds of spiders that could potentially cause harm.

Controlling Spiders in Your Home

Biologically, spiders are not extremely receptive to chemical repellents. Since spiders are arachnids rather than true insects, they do not habitually groom themselves by mouth-to-leg contact and are therefore much less likely to ingest repellents unless they are directly targeted. Through a system of specialized adhesives and other specifically-targeted chemicals and devices, Apex can help ensure that the spiders’ food sources are gone, forcing them to seek solace elsewhere. Our experienced technicians can help you locate and expose the dark, hidden places in and around your house or garage where spiders like to nest. By excluding spiders from these locations, you can reduce the likelihood you’ll encounter them in other parts of your home.

Another method of reducing the number of spiders is to reduce their food supply. Since spiders feast on insects, a strong general pest control program will eliminate their source of nutrition and encourage them to move elsewhere in search of food.

Following your first visit, your personal Apex technician will stop by for additional visits focusing on outdoor perimeter pest prevention to ensure that your home’s pest defenses are functioning as intended. Taking that much time off work is difficult and inconvenient, so we don’t require you to attend these prevention visits.

If you’ve had enough of these arachnids inhabiting your home or business, give us a call and schedule service today. We’ll send them packing back to where they belong. We offer pest control, termite control and lawn care in the following service areas: Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade/Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

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