We want to point out that at Apex Pest Control, we have a certain affinity for spiders. After all, these arachnids are nature’s original pest control technicians, using their webs to catch and devour all sorts of nasty, disease-spreading insects. While spiders have a place in the ecosystem, that place is not in your home. If you have a spider problem, you need to seek professional help to keep these much-needed creatures outside where they belong.

Spiders: Annoying, Disruptive, and Potentially Harmful

Spiders cause problems for homeowners in several ways. First, spiders are unattractive house guests. Most people feel disturbed when they see one staring up at them from the bathroom sink or they feel one skittering across their leg.

Second, spiderwebs strung up around your home can be a real annoyance. No one wants to walk from one room to another and become entangled in an invisible web that has been diligently spun across the doorframe. Furthermore, spiderwebs are designed to catch things, and what they usually catch is dust and the bodies of soon-to-be-dead insects, giving your home a dirty, unkept look.

Finally, while most spiders are harmless to humans, there are a few species, particularly the brown recluse, that can cause nasty, even life-threatening, bites. Making sure that your home is free of these types of spiders is an important part of your pest control routine. When we conduct a free, same-day inspection of your home, we’ll check on problem areas likely to harbor the kinds of spiders that could potentially cause harm.

Controlling Spiders in Your Home

Spiders can sneak their way into your home. If your doors or windows have cracks or breaks, you’re instantly at heightened risk for an arachnid break-in. The same risk applies for torn screens.

Spiders are drawn to your home for multiple reasons. They seek out warmth, moisture, mates, and — most commonly — prey. You can also unknowingly introduce spiders into your home by bringing in items from outdoors. Spiders might also gather near bright lights, like porch lanterns and fluorescent bathroom lights, as those sources tend to attract prey in large bunches, making for easy eats.

The best pest control for spiders involves taking preventative actions. Check various potted plants, firewood, clothes, and lawn furniture.

Signs Of A Spider Infestation

Spiders try to be discrete when looking for a place to live. Their strategy for finding food involves seeking out corners and small crevices where humans and large animals rarely go. Although spiders are drawn to dark rooms and excellent hiding places, these pests are known to leave some traces behind that can help you identify an infestation.

Not sure if you should reach out to Apex Pest Control for an inspection? Here are some of the most common indicators of a spider infestation:

  • Presence of webs: If you encounter a web inside the house, odds are that a group of spiders is nearby. Whether you have the misfortune of walking through a fresh spiderweb or you notice one in the corner, Apex Pest Control can help identify the species living indoors. Remember that spiders favor areas you visit least often, so check your attic, basement, or storage room throughout the year.
  • Egg sacs: Most spider species lay around one hundred eggs at once. These eggs are typically encased in a silk-like coating that appears white in color. It’s possible that a spider may lay its eggs alongside cardboard boxes, books, and personal belongings, so always approach items in storage with caution.
  • Squashing spiders frequently: It’s natural for a spider to make its way inside your home every now and again. However, pay attention to how often you notice unwanted visitors. If you’re stepping on similar-looking spiders multiple times in one month, the problem could be larger than you think.

Best Pest Control Methods for Spiders

When seeking out spider fumigation or control, some methods work better than others.

Biologically, spiders are not particularly receptive to chemical repellents. Since spiders are arachnids rather than true insects, they do not habitually groom themselves by mouth-to-leg contact and are therefore much less likely to ingest repellents unless they are directly targeted. Also, their legs keep them higher off the ground, making it unlikely that the pesticides will come into contact with their bodies.

Through a system of specialized adhesives and other specifically-targeted chemicals and devices, Apex can help ensure that the spiders’ food sources are gone, forcing them to seek solace elsewhere. Our experienced technicians can help you locate and expose the dark, hidden places in and around your house or garage where spiders like to nest. By excluding spiders from these locations, you can reduce the likelihood you’ll encounter them in other parts of your home.

Another method of reducing the number of spiders is to reduce their food supply. Spiders ensnare flies, moths, ants, and other unlucky prey that stumble upon their webs. Since they feast on these insects, a robust general pest control program will eliminate their source of nutrition and encourage them to move elsewhere in search of food.

If you’ve noticed a similar type of spider that continues to reappear, it’s possible that they are breeding nearby. Spiders are generally antisocial creatures, but they will tolerate each other in areas with an abundance of resources. Our pest control professionals can set traps in strategic spots to determine where the spiders are coming from. We will take more extensive actions — like spider fumigation — from there.

Following your first visit, your personal Apex technician will stop by for additional visits focusing on outdoor perimeter pest prevention to ensure that your home’s pest defenses are functioning as intended. Taking that much time off work is difficult and inconvenient, so we don’t require you to attend these outside prevention visits.

Choose Apex as Your Spider Pest Control Service

If you’ve had enough of these arachnids inhabiting your home or business, give us a call and schedule service today. We’ll send them packing back to where they belong. We offer pest control, termite control, and lawn care in the following service areas: Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade/Broward County, and Palm Beach County.