summer-lawn-care-guide-1Though Florida’s fall and winter seasons are not as cold as they are for our northern neighbors, homeowners still need to give their lawns an extra boost of protection during the cooler months with additional Orlando lawn care. Autumn is the time to start preparing for not just cooler weather, but for any upcoming freezes. By giving it the defense it needs now, your lawn will be able to come right back to life when spring rolls around.

One of the first things that should be done as the days grow colder, is to start cutting your grass shorter and less frequently than you did during the summer. This will help your lawn grow deeper roots which will allow for drawing more nutrients from the soil. Also, make sure you’re giving your lawn the proper amount of water. Too little and it’ll turn brown and die–too much and it will grow soggy, allowing fungi to start growing. Just as in the summer, it’s always best to water in the morning when it’s less windy and when the sun isn’t as strong–both will help prevent the water from evaporating before it can soak into the soil. It’s also a good idea to check with your city or town about watering ordinances to make sure you’re working within the rules.

Autumn is also a good time to review, and possibly revise, your fertilizer choices. As the temperature changes, your grass will want to put its energy into building stronger roots rather than into growing taller. Look for fertilizers marked “winterizing,” they’ll provide the best nutrients for your lawn throughout the fall, winter, and into early spring.

One final Orlando lawn care tip: autumn is also one of the best times to think about pesticide control–many insects spend the cooler fall and winter months as larvae, burrowing into the ground and tearing apart your lawn.

If you’d like assistance getting your lawn ready for the winter months, call the experts at Apex Pest Control today. We offer several different Orlando lawn care options and can develop a comprehensive plan uniquely suited to your needs. As a collaborative team, we’ll make sure your lawn is healthy and ready to thrive come spring.
How do you solidify your lawn’s care during the changing seasons? Share your lawn care tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers.