mastomys-444523_1920The issues that a mouse population can bring to your home and family are wide-ranging, and in Florida, a year-round concern. Brevard country, in particular, offers a lot of general habitat for mice; with a solid mix of rural and semi-developed land, along with abundant freshwater resources, mice are pretty common. When they start living in your home, it becomes pretty worrisome. Perhaps the only positive of mice, as compared to say termites, is that when you have a problem, you’ll definitely know it. Mice are ubiquitous and not prone to being stealthy. They also reproduce at a famously incredible level, and just a few can turn into just a few dozen rather quickly. To avoid this, always trust the experts in Brevard County pest control at Apex if you have even a hint of a growing problem with this vermin.

Indeed, the results of inaction can be dire; from simple property damage to health issues. Mice chew through wires and tear up insulation, they gnaw and eat just about anything, and they can, in large numbers, weaken even the general infrastructure of your home. Not only that, but mice droppings near food (which can actually be hard to detect) could be very dangerous to you and your families health due to the possibility of food contamination. A range of illness from lymphocytic choriomeningitis to something horrible sounding named rickettsial pox can be acquired from having mice around your food.

Overall, living with mice is just not a positive situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Mice are attracted to the same thing in your house that most other pests are: food and shelter. Voracious eaters, as we mentioned, securing anything they might find delicious is wise. They are omnivorous in the wild, but when they begin living inside, mice quickly develop a taste for your food.

Food might not be the only reason that mice are living in your home, especially in the winter and spring, even in the warm climate of Brevard County. Shelter is a huge reason that mice thrive right alongside humans; we give them a place to live while simultaneously taking away any of their natural enemies.

Unlike food, the issue of shelter is something often best left the Brevard county pest control professionals only; Mice can find even the smallest crack in your home and live in incredibly small crevices within your walls and attics. Detecting a mouse house is job one, but often the most difficult. So, if you are experiencing issues with mice in Brevard County, contact the local gurus at Apex Pest Control today at (866) 675-4070. We offer a free, no-obligation quote and visit and will always get back to you within 24 hours.