silverfishSilverfish are as common as they are misunderstood. This strange creature is a Central Florida mainstay, and summer is their peak season. When it comes to preventing and extracting silverfish from your home, experience goes a long way. Few have the experience in Orlando pest control quite on the level of Apex. Our decades in the local area give us a knowledge base on the particular habits of bugs like the eerie silverfish, and we can share that understanding with you.

Here are some basics on the critter you’ve no doubt seen, but probably haven’t studied:

  • We should note right off the bat that although they appear kind of creepy to most people, silverfish are harmless. That’s not to say you want them running around your home, but there’s no reason to book that hotel room quite yet.
  • They aren’t silver, and they aren’t fish.
  • They prefer damp spaces and low lighting; odds are you will spot the whiskered creature at night and around your bathroom or kitchen.
  • They are attracted to many types of starchy food, but can eat anything from books to carpet to paint.

Silverfish have a preference for humidity and high temperatures, so you can see why this is a pest well-suited for Central Florida. What can you really do to keep them out of your home?

  • Limit Easy Food: Like every pest that can cause trouble in your home, silverfish are there for three reasons: food, water, and shelter. By sealing up everything in your kitchen and keeping countertops constantly clean, you are taking a big step.
  • Traps: Traps (like sticky fly paper) work with silverfish on a very limited basis. Silverfish are hearty and rarely attracted to one particular substance.
  • Professionals: DIY approaches can take out one silverfish at a time, but there is an underlying reason why they are coming into your home and staying there. That reason is something that only a pest care professional can properly diagnose and address. Why settle for frustration when the answer to silverfish is but a phone call away?

And when it comes to Orlando pest control, the answer and the experience is at Apex. We offer not just techniques for ridding your home or business of these odd creatures, but we can help prevent them in the first place. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote; we will always respond to any call within 24 hours. Silverfish, in addition to potentially eating clothing and other fabrics, are also harbingers of some potentially larger pest problems on your property. Don’t take the chance; contact the experienced professionals at Apex.