Florida’s temperate climate draws people from all over the world to bask in our sun or relax under the palms and enjoy the great outdoors. It also draws pests and plant diseases that enjoy the warm weather just as much as, if not more, you do. Once pests and diseases infest your plants, it is time to invite the professionals at Apex to come in and take care of the problem.

Shrub and tree pest protection are a must in the Sunshine State. Therefore, we have designed a variety of treatment plans to ensure your foliage receives comprehensive care. We offer monthly, every-other-month, and quarterly care treatment options. During our first visit, we will fully eradicate any invading pests living in your shrubs and trees. The visits that follow will focus on outdoor perimeter pest prevention. We will ensure that once the pests are removed, they stay away. For the prevention visits, we do not require your attendance and are more than happy to arrive on site, ensure your pest defenses are functioning properly, and leave without disrupting your daily routine.

If you think that your trees and shrubs may be in danger from pests or plant disease, contact Apex Pest Control today. We spare no expense to get the job done, and we’re always honest when prescribing the appropriate treatments for each pest problem.

The Whitefly

Have you been noticing black mold growing on your palms, trees, or bushes? Maybe yellowing leaves too? Or maybe your pool deck or driveway is turning black? These can be signs of a whitefly infestation. While not actually a fly, the adult whitefly does fly and has two pairs of semi-translucent, white, moth-like wings. Their nymphs (babies) feed by extracting sugary juices from plants, typically from the leaves. This causes the leaf to reduce its chlorophyll production and therefore its ability to photosynthesize. Eventually the leaf turns yellow and drops off.

After processing the sugar from the plant, the whitefly will excrete a sticky, sweet substance called honeydew. This honeydew is a food source for a number of other pests and diseases. Often the honeydew will encourage mold growth, further inhibiting your plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Once the infestation gets large enough, you can shake the plant and a swarm of the flies will emerge from the underside of the leaves. An unchecked infestation can completely defoliate a tree or shrub and eventually kill it. Stop whitefly destruction before it starts. Contact Apex today for a free, same-day inspection and service.

Aphids a.k.a. Plant Lice

Aphids are tiny bugs that come in a variety of colors from green, black, brown, yellow, and white to pink and even blue. Don’t be fooled by the colors because they’re a destructive little rainbow. They use their piercing-sucking mouthparts to extract a plant’s sugary juices, a process that harms the plant and inhibits its growth. After feeding, they excrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which creates a host of problems of its own, including the development of mold and attracting other sugar-loving insects like ants.

Their feeding causes plant leaves to curl or crinkle and may cause flowers to become distorted. Aphid colonies can grow quickly with each female capable of producing between 50 and 100 daughters in her lifetime. Return the life back to your flower beds by eradicating plant lice. Contact Apex for a free same-day inspection today.

Mealybugs & Mites

With a feeding method similar to aphids and whiteflies, mealybugs and mites also pierce and suck a plant’s sugary juices and excrete a sticky substance on a plant’s leaves that encourage mold growth. While other bugs typically hang out on the underside of a plant’s leaves, these little critters will bore their way into the vegetative shoot of the plant, making them difficult to detect and to control.idden pest? No problem for Apex pest control. We’ll extract these pests along with their shrub damaging sugar tooth. For a free same-day inspection and service, contact Apex Pest Control today.

Is it a hidden pest? No problem for Apex pest control. We’ll extract these pests along with their shrub damaging sugar tooth. For a free same-day inspection and service, contact Apex Pest Control today.


There are so many different types of caterpillars just waiting to transform into a beautiful winged butterfly but, until then, they are more than happy to munch on your plants. Just a few caterpillars can defoliate an entire plant in a single afternoon. It’s important to make caterpillar control part of your shrub and tree care routine, otherwise you may not have plants to care for.

Stop these leaf garbage disposals before they consume your entire landscape. Contact Apex Pest Control for a free, same-day inspection and we’ll rid your shrubs and trees of unwanted caterpillars.


Of all the maladies that can affect your lawn and gardens, plant disease is one of the most overlooked. While insect damage can be obvious, plant disease may lay in wait until suddenly your plant is sick beyond revival. The experts at Apex are adept at noticing the subtle signs of disease.

Together, we will doctor your trees and shrubs back to their healthy glory. At Apex, we’re dedicated to our community and to its environment, and we strive to maintain a balance within the ecosystem. With a free, same-day trial, we will diagnose and devise the best treatment plan to reinstate a healthy environment for your trees and shrubs.


Fungi are organisms that absorb food and water from their host. If left unchecked, a fungus can inhibit a plant’s growth and development. It can also lead to plant disease and provide a food source for pests.

Don’t let this parasitic organism drain the life from your shrubs and trees. Apex Pest Control uses the most advanced and innovative techniques and technology to ensure a full extermination of fungus. And we won’t stop until the job is done! If you see fungus overwhelming your lush foliage, contact Apex for a free same-day inspection.


Florida’s sandy soils provide little in the way of nutrient retention and common fertilizers just won’t cut it. They easily wash away through the sieve that is sand, making for very expensive run-off water.

At Apex, we ensure green lawns and foliage too. Born and bred in Florida, Apex Pest Control knows how to formulate fertilizers that work with the Sunshine State’s natural ecosystem. Our custom-blended formulas have been specifically tailored to work for the Florida environment and soils, not against them.

Expertly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment, including power rotary spreaders, backpack sprayers, hand applicators, and lawn trucks capable of servicing large areas of grass. We apply our custom-blended fertilizers right where your grass, trees, and shrubs need it most. Contact Apex today for a free same-day inspection and we guarantee the healthy development of your trees and shrubbery. We offer pest control, termite control and lawn care in the following service areas: Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade/Broward County, and Palm Beach County.