silverfishThere are a lot of misconceptions about silverfish, a small wingless insect with a silvery composition. A very common pest across the world, they wiggle around your home with ease and speed. They are, indeed, of no danger to humans in regards to disease and are completely physically harmless to us. However, the frequent sightings of silverfish can be cause for concern. The Orlando pest control specialists at Apex can help identify these areas of possible problems and take action as necessary.

For one, silverfish are at home in humid and moist areas. So, if you’re seeing a lot of them in a consistent area of your home, that could be a sign of some sort of slow leak or pooling of water within walls. If silverfish are present, mold, due to water damage, is a high concern. They are also drawn to food high in carbohydrates, proteins, or sugars, and they are an opportunistic eater. Silverfish have been known to cause damage to books, wood, photos, carpets, and pretty much anything you have in your house. They eat what they can.

Their main food source, however, is other insects, so, if you are seeing a lot of silverfish, chances are there are a lot of other pests nearby, as well. This is where the professionals with Apex’s Orlando pest control can be of great service in identifying exactly what is drawing the slithery silver creatures to your home.

Silverfish are resilient as well; if water is present, they can forgo food for up to a year and survive. But more likely, they will resort to eating whatever is available in your home. This property damage is the main nuisance of the silverfish, and, again, although they may spoil food, they do not transmit disease. Silverfish can be particularly difficult to eradicate; they need little space, adapt well, and survive on food as it presents itself. Because of this, contacting the trained Orlando pest control specialists at Apex is highly recommended. We offer a free no-obligation consultation as well as a quote. Continue browsing our website for more information, or feel free to call 866-675-4070. One of our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours, at minimum.