rush-348481_1920Florida lawns are a form of paradise for many types of weeds and pests. Great climate, a population that moves around a lot (including tourists) and, maybe most important, constant abundant water sources are all factors. In the Tampa area, maintaining a suitable lawn is often a challenge on par with keeping your home cool in the summer, but there are some great methods that are gaining more attention over the past few years. Implementing just a few of them can go a long way towards improving the state of your lawn. Experts in Tampa pest control at Apex are here to help, and below are seven helpful hints.

  • Storage: Let’s start with this; pesticides and herbicides can be rough chemicals and are to be used only when needed and in small amounts. Not only that, but be certain to protect yourself and your family by storing them adequately.
  • Keep an eye on the water: As we mentioned, many pests and weeds are attracted to your lawn because it is seen as a consistent source of water in an uncertain world. It seems counter-intuitive, but try not to water your lawn more than necessary.
  • Record keeping: Pests and weeds are often seasonal and cyclical. Because of this, if you are having lawn issues, try keeping a record of exactly what’s going on. This should help over the years with having a good idea of what worked and what did not.
  • Pesticide use: As many insects have proven over the years, one of the best long-term ways of ensuring they stick around is allowing them to build up a resistance to pesticides. This happens most commonly when they are over-exposed; try to limit your use to targeted moments and critical needs.
  • Pest Identification: Close in importance to general pesticide use is choosing the right chemicals and systems to keep your lawn maintained. This is only possible if you know what is causing damage to your lawn. Only then can you deploy proper methods for removal.
  • Over-fertilizing: Fertilizer is not exclusively food for the plants you do want to feed. Everything grows off of most fertilizer, so limited use is generally recommended.
  • Lawn length: Finally, lawn length is an art form. If it’s too long, you’ll create a habitat for many unwanted pests and vermin. If your lawn is too short, the lawn can often become burned in the brutal Florida sun, setting the stage for easy invasion by weeds. Tread carefully all the way around.

For more information specific to your home, always think to consultant the Tampa pest control experts at Apex. We can identify potential trouble spots before they actually become trouble, and we offer a free, no-obligation inspections and quotes at 866-675-4070.