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Serving Tampa and surrounding areas, Apex Pest Control is one of the most trusted pest control companies in the state of Florida. Apex prides itself on protecting homes, landscapes, and businesses from harmful and unwanted plants, insects, and animals while also finding a balance by maintaining the ecosystem of the community with our pest control solutions in Tampa.

Apex Pest Control technician standing in front of truck

Apex is proud of our reputation for high-quality, professional service and has been a family-owned business since 1985. When it comes to unwanted invaders in your home or lawn, Apex Pest Control is a reliable pest services company that gets the job done professionally and efficiently.

Our Tampa Office Service Area

Apex Pest Control has been serving Florida for decades. In the Tampa and Gulf Coast area, we serve homeowners and commercial buildings throughout:

  • Charlotte County
  • Clearwater
  • Hernando County
  • Hillsborough County
  • Lakeland
  • Lee
  • Manatee County
  • New Port Richey
  • Palm Harbor
  • Pasco County
  • Pinellas County
  • Polk County
  • Sarasota
  • St. Petersburg
  • Tampa
  • Wesley Chapel

“Great company for general pests and termites. always punctual and courteous. I’ve been a satisfied customer for over 12 years.” – William A., Tampa, FL

Trust Our Team Of Licensed Technicians For All Your Pest Control Needs In Tampa And The Gulf Coast

At Apex Pest Control, because of how long we have been in the pest management industry, our technicians have hundreds of years of combined experience. From bed bugs to weevils, our technicians near Tampa have eradicated all kinds of pests with our various Tampa pest treatments.

Our employees are also registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service. Each staff member is proficient and prepared to handle any potential difficulty in safeguarding your home. We never stop working towards being the best pest control company in Tampa, and our expert pest control team members continuously earn certifications in a variety of areas related to pest control.

Throughout our years in business, we’ve been able to create a reputation for delivering high quality and reliable services for residences and commercial buildings throughout the Tampa area. Regardless of the pest control issue you are facing, we take pride in always exceeding industry standards. We show up in an Apex uniform with a picture ID tag so you know exactly who we are.

With every service we deliver, we only use methods and products that we stand behind. We are able to control pests in and around your home in a sustainable and safe way. We are also dedicated to ensuring you are completely satisfied with our service.

Pest Control Services In Tampa

Florida’s warm, balmy climate means pest control services in Tampa are in high demand.

Because it rarely gets cold, our part of the country is particularly favorable to a wide variety of pests. Our environment can also produce a variety of other risk factors including, standing water from the rainy season, rotting fruits, clogged gutters, overgrown vegetation, and damaged building exteriors.

For that reason, homeowners select Apex Pest Control for their pest control needs. At Apex, our customers know they’re in good hands throughout the Sunshine State.

While the beautiful weather makes Florida an ideal place to live, the city of Tampa is often home to many pests, pests we know how to eradicate:

  • Caribbean Crazy Ants: Foraging for food, Caribbean crazy ants can spot a house from two miles away. Despite their small size, these ants come grouped together in the thousands, which then requires the house and the whole yard to be treated.
  • Roaches: Many of the older homes found within the historic districts of the greater Tampa area experience problems with roaches. Apex Pest Control can help any home or business owner get their roach problem under control.
  • Rodents: Since Tampa is near the port, rodents also tend to be a major problem. Apex Pest Control specializes in rodent control in Tampa, FL by removing these rodents and other unwanted intruders, such as bats, while ensuring that they do not return.
  • Mosquitoes: With excessive humidity, standing rainwater, and an abundance of unprotected skin, mosquitoes thrive throughout the region. They’re a consistent problem, too, as they can carry numerous dangerous diseases that put your family at risk. Citronella candles won’t save you from established breeding grounds nearby, but our extensive Tampa mosquito control services can.
  • Ticks: These nasty pests, especially a species known as the Gulf Coast tick, remain a constant threat for people who live in and around Tampa. Ticks, like other insects, flourish in moist climates, and increased vegetation growth provides them with more hiding spots and paths to hosts. Apex can provide environmentally-friendly control methods that repel ticks from your property, and our experts can also offer advice to set you up for long-term protection.

We also offer each and every client unsurpassed customer service. When you call us for help, we’ll send out an individual service expert who will know your unique case inside and out. You won’t be passed from professional to professional. Instead, you’ll get personal attention and service dedicated to your unique circumstances.

At Apex, we stand by a commitment to fairness and honesty. We offer a no-obligation pest inspection of your property by a certified Tampa pest control expert. Our pest inspections start with searching your property for potential entryways pests can use to get inside. Once we locate the entry points, we’ll look for the type of pests in your home. If we find something, we will explain in detail what we found and what it will take to get rid of the problem for you, and you’ll get a forthright estimate every time. Our customers pay only for what they get; no hidden fees or add-ons.

After your first inspection, and if you are using one of our recurring service plans, our technicians will stop by for additional visits to remedy your home from pests and ensure the inside pest control treatments are working. We provide a prevention program and pest control treatments so you can continue living in your home pest-free.

When you complete regular treatments and inspections, you’ll prevent pest problems from occurring or get ahead of a problem before it gets worse. Regular maintenance visits will help to ensure pests continue to leave your property alone.

Learn why so many Central Florida homeowners turn to us for pest control services in Tampa. We understand the anxiety and fear that can follow the discovery of a pest infestation in your home. Our service technicians will put you at ease with their empathetic manner and professionalism, and they have the skills and know-how to get the job done right. Apex is your trusted pest control company.

Tampa Termite Control

Because they are small and unobtrusive, it’s easy for termites to cause massive damage. They can go undetected for long periods of time, silently eating away at wood foundations until the foundation is too weak to support itself. If left unfettered, the tiny insects have the ability to chew through the entire structure of your home. If you suspect you may have a termite infestation, the best thing to do is act immediately. Call us for termite pest control services – we can put a stop to the damage wrought by hundreds of thousands of termites.

Although termites can live hidden behind walls and underground outside, that doesn’t mean they can’t be detected. Careful inspection will generally reveal telltales signs: discarded wings, frass, mud tubes, and/or weakened wood structures. Sadly, attempting to rid your home of such termites is not as simple as running to the store for over-the-counter remedies that are meant for eliminating termite mounds. Quite often, when a termite mound is destroyed, the termites simply move to a new site, causing destruction in another part of your house.

As for drywood termites, they tend to populate near the historic districts. Also evident in the Tampa area are Formosan termites, which can be just as destructive. Most believe that houses on stilts are exempt from termite intrusions. However, buildings above ground level are just as prone to these termite attacks and require professional pest control treatment.

When termites become fully established throughout your property, they might be the most challenging pest to remove. Luckily, we have the tools, skills, and training to weed out these tiny wood-bearing invaders from their cozy tunnels and voids with our range of termite treatments.

We offer Tampa termite control services, including comprehensive termite fumigation and tenting for when the problems move beyond the capability of other conventional treatments and preventative measures. After we conduct a pest inspection and inform you of the precautions you’ll need to take — leaving the area, storing loose items, etc. — we set up a system of tarps and tents to contain the chemicals and get the fumigation process started right away.

Apex Pest technician speaking with customer

The fumigants we use are not easily attainable. They are heavily regulated and require specific certifications and training, which Apex technicians possess. We will pump the chemicals into the sealed area, using carefully calibrated technology to monitor and regulate levels.

Once we deem that the amount is enough to kill off the termites, which suffocate due to lack of oxygen, we will then engage in tearing down the erected structures and moving to aeration. Aeration allows for the fumes to disperse, free of residue, and this part usually takes about six to eight hours.

Overall, the setup, treatment, and aeration process take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the size of the colony and its location. From there, we will schedule periodic inspections to check for any signs of recurrence. We also provide professional termite prevention services in Tampa, giving you increased protection for the future.

At Apex Pest Control, we understand termites, and we know how to get rid of them for good by using the best termite fumigation services in Tampa. We also understand the stress that termites can cause by not knowing if there are just a few around, or a nest of them eating away at wood beneath floors, behind walls, or the very foundation of a home. This stress is enough to keep homeowners up at night. Our experts are highly trained and skilled professionals, fully capable of performing Tampa termite control for any situation. We have access to the most up-to-date tools and utilize the latest techniques for eradicating termites. We offer a no-obligation inspection of your property and forthright estimates. If you have a problem, our experts can solve it, and you’ll pay only for what you get; we have no hidden fees.

In addition, our technicians are dedicated to your specific problems; you won’t get passed from one person to the next. We get to know you and your unique situation inside and out. Your complete satisfaction and safety are our primary concerns. If you think you might have a problem, don’t let termites destroy your home.

Tampa Ant Control

All it takes is a few small crumbs or spills, and a group of ants will try to clean up the mess for you. Our pest control services in Tampa include the mitigation of ant populations, specifical species such as the Caribbean crazy ant. Ants are smaller in size compared to other pests, which makes it easy for them to hide in hard-to-reach places. Contacting our Tampa exterminators is a proactive way to take control of your household.

The Caribbean crazy ant poses a serious threat to your home’s infrastructure and electrical wiring. Unlike other ants, these insects emerge from holes in concrete walls, moisture pockets around the yard, and wooden structures. The pests will chew on just about anything in their path, and Florida residents may find large groups of these ants inside during warmer or cooler months.

If you happen to notice a few ants on countertops or along the floor, there’s a good chance some friends are close by. It’s crucial to contact the best pest control team in Tampa — Apex Pest Control. We know the warning signs of an ant infestation and work until the problem is resolved. Stepping on a few ants is no way to wipe out an entire colony, so leave it to our technicians to identify the ant species and take the correct approach to reduce pest numbers as soon as possible.

We’ll perform an inspection of your residential or commercial space inside and out, looking for ant populations that may be difficult to see. Apex Pest Control starts by treating windows, door screens, attics, and basements to stop intruders from entering. From there, we’ll move to the perimeter of your property to exterminate insect eggs present near porches, patios, and garbage bins.

Tampa Roach Control

There is nothing more terrifying than switching on the lights and seeing dozens of cockroaches running across the floor. There is a common misconception that roaches live only in filthy places, but this is far from the truth. Cockroaches or “palmetto bugs” are smart enough to navigate drainage pipes and often move through cracks in your foundation to find a snack or get a drink of water.

Keep in mind that roaches are quick and love to play hide-and-seek. It takes a professional pest control company in Tampa to locate these insects and choose the right method to limit population numbers. Cockroaches are known to survive intense levels of radiation and fumigation techniques, so we’ll come up with a tailored plan for your home or business after identifying the species.

One of our team members will gladly explain your options for monthly or quarterly pest control visits for your Tampa property. We draw from 30 years of experience in the industry to take care of pests such as the German cockroach and American cockroach (palmetto bug) to reduce the spread of disease. Protect your family from pathogens like salmonella by partnering with our exterminators who will walk you through every step of the pest control treatment process.

Tampa Mosquito Control

Florida has more than 80 species of mosquito, which is far more than any other state. Of these, 13 species have the potential to transmit deadly pathogens such as West Nile Virus and Malaria.

The Tampa/St. Petersburg area is particularly susceptible, and it’s generally considered to be one of the worst cities for these bloodsuckers. Seeing how they’re nearly a year-round threat, you’re constantly at risk of itchy bites and worse.

We offer professional mosquito control services in Tampa and the surrounding area, and we use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to stop these pests. We use the latest technology and eco-friendly mosquito traps to kill insect larvae, stymie their population growth, and infect mosquitoes that visit with a biological agent that eliminates other individuals when they come into contact with each other.

Apex Pest technician holding clipboard and talking with customers

You can benefit from other containment methods as well, giving you plenty of flexibility with how we approach the situation.

Tampa Bed Bug Control

What about another kind of troublesome bloodsucker? Bed bugs are tiny bedroom invaders that are notoriously tough to get rid of due to how quickly they reproduce and how good they are at hiding. Once they spread, they can set up in your carpet, clothes, stuffed animals, and many other spots.

Bed bugs are usually active and feast at night, so that’s why you might wake up to their tell-tale red itchy bumps on your skin in the morning. Other signs of an infestation include reddish-brown spots on your pillows or sheets.

When bed bugs infest your home, they can take over and become hard to eliminate. Our bed bug exterminators in Tampa can apply potent chemical treatments to common hiding areas such as under your furniture or bed frame to snuff them out. We will review the various options to ensure removal and what on-going bed bug treatment in Tampa might be needed to keep your home bug-free. We’ll arrange follow-up inspections to ensure they stay gone.

Tampa Tick Control

Ticks thrive in high humidity, which Tampa is known for. They also make their home in tall grasses and wooded areas. Regardless of the season, if your property is not treated, you could experience an infestation. They can be hard to spot due to their small size, meaning a colony of ticks could have taken up residence in your yard and you might not even know.

Common ticks found throughout Florida are the black-legged tick, American dog tick, brown dog tick, Gulf Coast tick, and the lonestar tick. These ticks put you and your family at risk for a range of serious diseases such as Lyme disease.

To keep your family safe, Apex Pest Control starts by treating your home’s exterior to eradicate them. Then, we move inside your home to ensure your furniture and flooring is free of these dangerous pests.

Tampa Rodent Control

Rats and mice are common around Tampa due to it being a port city, as rodents commonly hitch rides on ships. They’re another disease-carrying pest that will undermine your home bit by bit, all while threatening the safety of your food and your family.

There are key differences between various species, and they will require a personalized plan to properly deal with them. Our technicians will pinpoint and seal possible entries while setting bait and traps, all adding up to a rodent-free environment.

Tampa Lawn Care

Just because we live in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean that lawns here will naturally grow beautifully. At Apex Pest Control, we have dealt with and solved every type of problem lawns here face. As a lawn pest company in Tampa, here are some of the things we deal with on a daily basis.

  • Fungus: Recently, an extensive amount of Pythium fungus has been growing in lawns. Dub weeds are also frequently growing due to the extensive amount of rain Florida receives. Because this type of fungus can easily multiply if not treated properly, homeowners need to know when and when not to water their lawn.
  • Chinch Bugs: This lawn lover sucks all the sap out of blades of grass. Signs of chinch bugs feasting on your lawn include small to large patches of brown and dying grass. Able to develop a resistance to pesticides, Apex is constantly adapting their chinch bug eradicating strategy to help homeowners keep their lawns free of these lawn pests.
  • Mole Crickets: These lawn destroyers tunnel under lawns and quickly destroy them. Signs that you may have mole crickets include the appearance of patches of brown grass among healthy green grass, blades of grass that have been severed from their roots, and the loose dirt and small openings that indicate tunneling activities.

All of our technicians are prepared for any problem, and you will receive the same technician from when you schedule service until the job is done so you get a reliable technician that understands your lawn’s needs.

Get Your Quote For Pest Control Services Today

Our Customer Service Representative team at Apex Pest Control is here for you and ready to help. You can contact us online or by phone.

We offer free quotes for lawn, pest, and termite services. We also offer pest control treatment plans for Florida bug control to make your home, yard, and lawn impossible for pests, rodents, termites, or any invader to occupy. You can depend on us to keep your property pest-free. We value our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why we complete every job with the best service we can offer.

Apex Pest Control has built its reputation on great customer service and dedication to client satisfaction with many of our new customers coming from client referrals. We offer free quotes and estimates, so get a quote, or call us at 866-675-4070. We look forward to helping you protect your home and showing you why customers choose us when looking for Tampa pest control companies.

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The technicians were incredibly friendly, professional, knowledgeable and fast. Gold stars for customer care.
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Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators has recently acquired Apex Pest Control, Inc.. For more information regarding this merger, please visit this link.