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7F2A3739Apex Pest Control is one of the most trusted pest control companies in the state of Florida. Apex Pest Control is proud to consistently find the perfect balance between protecting homes, landscapes, and businesses from harmful and unwanted plants, insects, and animals, while maintaining the ecosystem of the community.

A family-owned business since 1985, Apex prides itself on a reputation for high-quality and professional service. When it comes to unwanted invaders, Apex Pest Control is a reliable company that gets the job done safely and efficiently. Each staff member is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service. Our employees are experienced and trained to handle any potential pest problem that comes with protecting your home. Pest control is an ever-changing industry, and our team at Apex continues to receive certifications in a variety of areas related to pest control. Our focus on continuing education displays our ability to thrive in an evolving market.

Our Orlando Office Service Area

Our pest control in Orlando, FL, and expert pest management service areas include:

  • Altamonte Springs
  • Bay Hill
  • Clermont
  • Dr. Phillips
  • Isleworth
  • Kissimmee
  • Lake County
  • Lake Mary
  • Lake Nona
  • Orange County
  • Orlando
  • Osceola County
  • Sanford
  • Seminole County
  • Windermere
  • Winter Garden
  • Winter Park

“Technician was very polite, knowledgeable and thorough. Apex provides great service. Thank you.” – David N., Orlando, FL

We’re An Orlando Pest Control Company

When you are experiencing pest control issues in your Orlando area home or business, you deserve to work with a company that is an expert. Apex Pest Control has been serving Florida for decades, and we understand the unique pests in the area that can invade your home.

Though the beautiful weather makes Florida one of the best places to live, Orlando’s humidity is also welcoming to bed bugs, cockroaches, and other unwanted pests that can invade your home at any time.

  • Rodent Control Orlando: Unlike other parts of Florida, Orlando faces large numbers of rats coming in, especially in Downtown Orlando. These rodents are more apparent on colder days. Other critters, such as raccoons, are also problematic in areas with wetlands. Our
  • Roaches: German cockroaches and other domestic roaches are a big issue in Orlando, which require professional treatment. A roach infestation starts in the dark, warm areas of your home. By the time you see one, they’re probably well established.
  • Ants: White-footed ants populate the area and love to live in shrubbery. The biggest misunderstanding most homeowners have when treating ant problems is that they only need to focus on the ants they see. If not treated regularly, you won’t be able to win the war.
  • Bees, Hornets, Wasps: Yellow Jackets, European Hornets, honeybees, and many other stinging insects call Orlando and the surrounding area home. While they generally keep to themselves, nests can grow into huge populations that can reach up to 10,000 individuals, and they will become aggressive if they believe you’re infringing on their territory. It’s best to safely remove these insects, especially honeybees, as quickly as possible.
  • Termites: Termites affect buildings throughout Florida, and due to the consistent warm temperatures here, termites are active much earlier in the year than in other locations. From Subterranean termites to drywood termites, an infestation can quickly deteriorate your property.
  • Fleas: Warm, humid temperatures cause flea populations to explode throughout Central Florida, spelling trouble for your cats, dogs, and other furry friends. If not handled appropriately, fleas can quickly overtake your home.
  • Bats: Bats are diligent insectivores that demolish harmful insect populations for the better, but a colony can spell trouble for your home. Rather than kill these animals that mean you no harm, trust Apex Pest Control — we use ethical removal methods that encourage bats to leave on their own.

As a homeowner, you should know that over-the-counter treatments and bombs are not effective in clearing pest infestations. They are, at best, a stopgap measure that may slow an infestation but will rarely stop it altogether. You should also know that if such chemicals are used improperly, they can actually pose health hazards to you and your family. Ridding your home of a pest infestation is a job better left to our Orlando pest control professionals.

Apex Pest Control has been working to help homeowners protect their homes and families since 1985, serving Central Florida with the most thorough pest control and removal services possible. We offer top-to-bottom, no-obligation inspections of your property, conducted by highly trained professionals who also understand the concerns and fears of people responding to the possibility of pests invading their living spaces. We can eliminate your infestation quickly and efficiently with our pest control services in Orlando.

Our personable, expert technicians are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques for comprehensive Orlando pest control services. We are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe and happy, and we don’t compromise on that claim. No matter the pest problem, the Apex Pest Control professionals can help. Contact our Customer Care Representatives to set up an appointment for your free inspection. We can also set up a specific treatment plan and protection program, designed specifically for your unique pest situation.

Rodent Pest Control In Orlando, Florida

Wild rats and mice may be cute in the eyes of some, but we see them for what they are: invasive pests that have no business living inside the confines of your home under any circumstances.

Apex Pest technician reviewing entry points for pests

While size might be the most recognizable difference between mice and rats, they’re actually unique in how they act and behave. Subspecies of rats and mice will also infest homes differently — some might be bold in how they spread and nest, while others could be more reserved. It requires a dedicated, focused plan of action to eliminate these little intruders from destroying your belongings, infiltrating your food supply, and exposing your family to potentially dangerous diseases.

We offer various pest control services in Orlando, including chemical treatments and traps to get rid of your rodent problem, and our inspection will also snuff out their entry points and seal them off for good. It doesn’t matter if you reside in downtown Orlando or on the outskirts of the city, Apex offers the rodent pest control you need to return your building to normal.

Orlando Termite Control

Termites cause damage to homes all across the country, and Florida is no exception. In fact, the Sunshine State is particularly prone to massive termite colonies that can severely damage homes, as they thrive in warm, humid climates like those in Orlando. Homeowners dread the discovery of termites near or in their homes, and for good reason; the tiny insects can cause major problems in a limited amount of time. These kinds of situations are why it’s important you contact an expert from Apex Pest Control to perform termite control at the first sign of a termite problem.

For termites, swarm season comes much earlier in South Florida. North Florida experiences swarm season later than Orlando, which can experience them from late winter through the fall, depending on the species. There can even be infestations of multiple species of termites at the same time — which surely requires the help of a professional to ensure all termites are eradicated.

  • Drywood Termites: Formosan termites are not as prevalent in Central Florida as they are in South Florida. However, drywood termites infest older homes in areas like Downtown Orlando and Winter Park. Homes near old oak trees and those that date back to the 20s have major drywood termite issues.

It’s also important that homeowners understand that in Florida, there are three main types of termites: Eastern Subterranean, Drywood, and Formosan, each is different from the others though all are destructive in their own way.

  • Eastern Subterranean termites are pests to watch out for. If disturbed, they will often leave an infestation site and take up residence in a new location, causing more damage to another part of your house. They can create huge nests, containing millions of members. They are also known for chewing through electrical cabling, causing power failures and fire hazards. For these reasons, if you see them, it’s critical that you don’t disturb them. Instead, call the Orlando termite control experts at Apex Pest Control. We’ll send someone out to take care of your termite problem right away.
  • Drywood termites, as their name implies, tend to show up in wood that has been dried, such as timbers or furniture. Since they prefer dried wood, they can be easily transported into homes, and because they stay hidden inside wood, they tend to go undiscovered until they’ve ruined whatever wooden object they’re occupying.
  • Formosan termites are another kind of subterranean termite. These creatures are just as bad as their Eastern-variety cousins. Formosan termites are now the most common kind of termite found in the United States and collectively cause billions of dollars of damage each year.

Fortunately, all it takes for homeowners to spot termite infestations is a little education. Telltale signs of termites include discarded wings, droppings, mud tubes, and weakening or bubbling wood surfaces.

Over-the-counter pest control solutions won’t do anything to deter termites from invading your home. They may kill some of the more obvious insects, but they won’t stop an infestation, as they’re incredibly durable insects that reproduce quickly. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to blend pest control treatments that specifically target your home’s unique needs. We can provide you with safe, effective treatment so you can rest assured that your home and family are protected.

If the problems have exceeded localized methods or if treatments can’t reach certain populations, then we will move on to full fumigation and tenting services. While generally reserved for invasive drywood termites, tenting is an incredibly effective method of pest removal in other situations as well.

Apex Pest Control technician greeting family in driveway

Our experts, who are fully certified and trained, will set up a series of tents and tarps around your property, and then they will pump in powerful chemicals. The potent fumigant will reach into crevices and voids that other methods cannot, and it will gradually suffocate the termites.

We will monitor the fumigation levels carefully so they do not reach unsafe levels. Once the amount is correct to eliminate the termites, we will remove the tenting and then begin the aeration process to cleanse your house of any lingering residue.

Our professionals handle this entire process with the necessary precision and expertise. When it comes to termite fumigation services in Orlando, you’ll find none better than Apex Pest Control.

Bed Bug Control In Orlando, Florida

If you’ve woken up with itchy red bumps throughout your body, it’s probably not the quality of your sheets. Bed bugs are nasty insects that are incredibly difficult to eliminate, but you need swift action to keep your home from getting overwhelmed.

Bed bugs can travel easily from location to location, but we can treat your home with specialized chemicals to stymie their population. As long as you can wash your applicable items in hot water, our bed bug exterminators in Orlando can eliminate bed bugs from your home. Our bed bug services will ensure bed bugs stay out.

Orlando Mosquito Treatment Services

With the Florida climate and humidity, mosquitoes are here to stay. However, you don’t want to invite them into your house. Mosquitoes are bothersome and can carry diseases that harm you and your family. You can keep your home safe from mosquito invasions with our mosquito control services in Orlando.

We’ll protect your home from mosquitoes using an eco-friendly mosquito control system. It cleverly uses mosquitoes’ own biology against them. The treatment we use is a mosquito-eliminating biological agent that mosquitoes will spread after they come into contact with it. Every place a mosquito goes, it will disperse the agent to other mosquitoes. This natural dispersion effectively kills other mosquitoes and larvae to prevent them from growing. Our treatment is safe for flowering plants, so bees, butterflies, and other valuable insects can continue visiting your garden.

The traps we set up work in both residential and commercial spaces. Our treatments also work indoors and outdoors to eradicate your mosquito problem. You can trust Apex Pest Control for the best mosquito treatment services in Orlando and the surrounding area.

Roach Control Services For Orlando Residents

The cockroach, also known as the palmetto bug, is a nuisance for home and business owners throughout the state of Florida. These insects go to great lengths just to feed on food and plants indoors, and the pests hide in small crevices. From crumbs to garbage, cockroaches always come back for seconds if a food and water source is available.

The experts at Apex Pest Control in Orlando have the knowledge and training to identify various cockroach species, and our team always takes the best approach for pest control services. We want you to feel comfortable in your residential or commercial space, so we take the time to track down infestations, eliminating eggs and roaches in all stages of development.

The German and American cockroach can spread salmonella and other harmful pathogens across plates, countertops, and surfaces. Our Orlando pest control company is here to control the problem. We utilize insect traps as well as fumigation methods to reduce numbers. Cockroaches may love the warm and humid climate of Orlando, but the team at Apex Pest Control enjoys helping our customers return to their routine even more.

We Provide Ant Control Services Across Orlando, Florida

We’ve all seen an army of ants at one point in our lives. Depending on the type of ant, these insects crawl through small holes and imperfections in your infrastructure to reach sugary foods and crumbs you might have missed.

Apex Pest Control is proud to offer Orlando pest control services to those that have ant colonies in or around the house. We tackle infestations in the form of carpenter ants, little black ants, and more for your peace of mind. Stop your six-legged guests from feeding on rotting wood and anything in the pantry thanks to our technicians who locate entry points and close them off completely.

Orlando Lawn Care

Just because we live in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean that lawns here will naturally grow beautiful. For lawn care, there are two different applications that are used that are different from South Florida due to the colder weather.

  • Shrubbery: Shrubbery must be consistently treated around the house in order prevent white-footed ants from dominating your lawn and home. Not only ants, but other pests and plant diseases enjoy the warm weather just as much as, if not more, than you do.

We know problems can arise at any time, so all of our technicians are always prepared to help you. To make sure things get efficiently done, you will receive the same technician from when you schedule service until the job is done, so you get a reliable expert that makes your lawn the best it can be.

Work With A Team Of Pest Management Professionals

Our pest control experts are licensed and bring with them years of training and experience. You’ll recognize our professional team right away because they’ll come to your home wearing our company uniform and have a picture ID badge prominently displayed.

Our team understands how to manage your pest issues in a sustainable and safe manner. We are proud of the pest management services we’ve been able to provide to Central Florida and look forward to delivering these same quality services to you.

Pest Control Services You Can Count On In Orlando

When our technicians come out to your residence, you can expect quality services and care. We’ll keep your home free of pests and critters while treating your home and property with respect. We consistently exceed industry standards and use only proven products and methods to help you experience a pest-free home. Our Orlando pest control solutions ensure you continue to have a pest-free space all year.

We won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with our pest management services.

Apex serves the Orlando area and surrounding areas with a variety of services including Florida bug control, pest control, termite control, lawn care, and commercial services. Furthermore, we offer a no-charge visit to your home to perform a complete analysis and ensure pest removal. Apex also reduces the trouble of many visits and consultations with a prevention program.

Request A Quote – Termite and Pest Control Florida

To make requesting a termite and pest control quote as simple and easy as possible for you, we’ve put together a few different ways you can contact us and receive your quote. Regardless of which method you choose, you will normally receive your quote within 24 hours. That’s because we understand that pest issues are difficult to live with and can quickly become unmanageable if left alone.

Your options for contacting us include:

  • Giving us a call: When you call us at 1-800-929-2847, you’ll be able to get a quote and schedule your first service.
  • Filling out our form: You can also fill out our contact form.

Throughout our years in business, Apex Pest Control has built its reputation for expert pest control on great customer service and dedication to client satisfaction with many of our new customers coming from client referrals. We offer free quotes and estimates, so get a quote today, or call us at 866-675-4070.

Receive A Same-Day Inspection

At Apex Pest Control, we also offer same-day inspection services. Our Orlando pest control technicians will come out to your property and will determine the best service level based on your needs. Contact us today to set up your inspection.

We look forward to helping you protect your home.

Service beyond
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Routine termite bond inspection. The tech was very prompt, courteous and professional.
Joseph S, Oviedo

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