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Orlando Pest Control, Termite Control & Lawn Care

7F2A3739Apex Pest Control is one of the most trusted pest control companies in the state of Florida. Apex Pest Control is proud to consistently find the perfect balance between protecting homes, landscapes, and businesses from harmful and unwanted plants, insects, and animals, while maintaining the ecosystem of the community. We provide the following services:

A family-owned business since 1985, Apex prides itself on a reputation for high-quality and professional service. When it comes to unwanted invaders, Apex Pest Control is a reliable company that gets the job done safely and efficiently. Each staff member is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service. Our employees are experienced and trained to handle any potential pest problem that comes with protecting your home. Pest control is an ever-changing industry, and our team at Apex continues to receive certifications in a variety of areas related to pest control. Our focus on continuing education displays our ability to thrive in an evolving market.

Orlando Pest Control

Though the beautiful weather makes Florida one of the best places to live, Orlando’s humidity is also welcoming to bed bugs, cockroaches, and other unwanted pests that can invade your home at any time.

  • Rats and Other Critters: Unlike other parts of Florida, Orlando faces large numbers of rats coming in, especially in Downtown Orlando. These rodents are more apparent on colder days. Other critters, such as raccoons, are also problematic in areas with wetlands.
  • Roaches: German cockroaches and other domestic roaches are a big issue in Orlando, which require professional treatment. A roach infestation starts in the dark, warm areas of your home. By the time you see one, they’re probably well established.
  • Ants: White-footed ants populate the area and love to live in shrubbery. The biggest misunderstanding most homeowners have when treating ant problems is that they only need to focus on the ants they see. If not treated regularly, you won’t be able to win the war.

Orlando Termite Control

For termites, swarm season comes much earlier in South Florida. North Florida experiences swarm season later than Orlando.

  • Drywood Termites: Formosan termites are not as prevalent in Central Florida as they are in South Florida. However, drywood termites infest older homes in areas like Downtown Orlando and Winter Park. Homes near old oak trees and those that date back to the 20s have major drywood termite issues.

Orlando Lawn Care

Just because we live in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean that lawns here will naturally grow beautiful. For lawn care, there are two different applications that are used that are different from South Florida due to the colder weather.

  • Shrubbery: Shrubbery must be consistently treated around the house in order prevent white-footed ants from dominating your lawn and home. Not only ants, but other pests and plant diseases enjoy the warm weather just as much as, if not more, than you do.

We know problems can arise any time, so all of our technicians are always prepared to help you. To make sure things get efficiently done, you will receive the same technician from when you schedule service until the job is done, so you get a reliable expert that makes your lawn the best it can be.

Our Service

Apex serves the Orlando area and surrounding areas with a variety of services including pest control, termite control, lawn care, and commercial services. Furthermore, we offer a no-charge visit to your home to perform a complete analysis and ensure pest removal. Apex also reduces the trouble of many visits and consultations with a prevention program.

Apex Pest Control has built its reputation on great customer service and dedication to client satisfaction with many of our new customers coming from client referrals. We offer free quotes and estimates, so get a quote today, or call us at 866-675-4070. We look forward to helping you protect your home.


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