pest-specialWhile many pests and insects in Florida are more well-known, powderpost beetles absolutely can be a home’s worst nightmare. The name powderpost comes from what the larvae of the beetle can do to a solid post of wood in no time: turn it to powder. These pests live off of wood, much like the more commonly known termite, and can be very difficult to identify until the damage is farther along. Contacting Apex’s Brevard pest control specialists early, and in the best case scenario, while your home is being built, helps tremendously in the troubling issue that is powderpost beetles damage and destruction.

One of their main behavioral issues for us is that they thrive on eating hardwoods and softwoods of a wide variety: they can easily make themselves at home on the inside of your walls, bookshelves, desks, cabinets, staircases, attics, and pretty much any area that contains wood. Wood preservatives can be used to avoid the possibility of infestation by powderpost beetles all together, but these can only be easily applied before construction of a home or wood furniture, which makes thinking ahead in regards to Brevard pest control a critical part of management.

If an infestation is suspected (small pinholes in the surface of any wood being the best indicator) and confirmed, a full fumigation of your home is recommended. This will get to the pests and eradicate them deep within the wood without the need for stripping paint and varnish. Powederpost beetles continue generational cycles of reproduction within wood for long periods of time if conditions are suited to them, and the larvae that eat the wood can spend months within walls as they develop. In short, powderpost beetles can be a long-term headache.

Fortunately, Brevard pest control with Apex is well suited to handle any level of powderpost infestation you may have. As stated, identifying a colony is very difficult with this particular pest, and because they are not as well know, the beetles are sometimes not suspects in wood damage. Because of these things, if you feel you may a have a problem with powderpost beetles, it is a good idea to contact us at 866-675-4070. Quotes are free with zero obligation, and you will get a response within 24 hours. Feel free to contact us through this very website as well.

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