leaf-2012_1920It’s early fall on the coast of Florida, and the fall pests are beginning to stir. With the help of the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex, keep pests out year-round.

This time of year is a prime season for pests and rodents to move from the previously cozy confines of your lawn to the inside of your house. Temperature drops and a less stable climate, along with less abundant rainfall, push many indoors. One thing to always remember about pests is that, often, prevention is much easier than removal. Not only that, but removal usually only comes after there has been some damage. So let’s avoid that and start with a simple list of things you can do to help secure your home this fall.

  • Seal Your Home: Most Floridians savor the first cold front of the fall as a terrific time to open the windows and let in some fresh air. And it is, but those screens have cracked and warped over the hot summer months, becoming easy access for pests. Check any area of the house that may be opened up for the winter months.
  • Moisture: This is your enemy and a pest’s best friend. Commonly, insects and rodents are looking to get into your house not primarily for the cover, but for the consistent supply of fresh water: something harder to find in the fall and winter months in Brevard County. By cutting off the water, you are cutting off a reason for them to even be there.
  • Seal Food & Remove Garbage: Again, very simple, but with the windows open and the air flowing from inside to out, even the slightest crack in the cookie jar can be sensed for some distance in the outside pest world. It’s also generally a wise idea to have all garbage removed as far from your house as physically possible.

These are a few very simple tips for keeping fall festive, not full of irritating pests. If you are experiencing current problems with pests, or need a preventative look over from the Brevard County pest control experts at Apex pest control, contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote.