family-1802228_1920Pests in a Florida summer are, in a word, legendary. With so many different threats, it can all become rather overwhelming. But, fear not; the Orlando pest control professionals at Apex have tips and guidance that can turn your summer of the bug into a summer of peace. We thought the best way to break down some simple responses to the summer swarms was to do so by highlighting four concepts: stinging, biting, flying, and climbing. But focusing on these specific parts of the creepy crawler’s daily behavior, you can get a better understanding of how to avoid and deter pests of all types.

Major League Baseball hosts its spring training in Florida over February and March, but that’s also a good time of year to brush up on your pest skills. Because the real season in Florida is just around the corner, and you’ll need all of your ability, as well as help from your friendly neighbors at Apex, in order to get through it. Below are four concepts that will go a long way towards a successfully pest-free summer.

  • Things that sting: From ants to wasps, an awful lot of stinging pests are also nesting pests. Try to keep your outdoor areas as clutter-free and clear as possible, especially in the summer. Ants are also looking for food when inside your home, so securing sweets goes a long way.
  • Things that fly: A lot of creatures will come under this banner, but really only two that matter: mosquitoes and termites. Mosquitoes are a primary concern this summer. Citronella works when outdoors, but your most effective way to cut down on the swarm is by emptying out standing water. The species that carries the Zika virus has the capability of laying eggs in as little water as the amount that fits in a bottle cap.
  • Things that bite: In general, few insects actually bite. Those that do are usually attracted to food left both outdoors and, on the rare summer night the windows may be open, inside. Clearing trash from your property is always critical.
  • Things that climb: As a pest management company, we think non-venomous spiders are pretty useful; they consume other pests around your home at a voracious rate. Of course, you may not feel the same way, and one of the easiest little tricks to keeping them out of your home is to spray a small amount of vinegar in difficult-to-reach spots. It acts as a deterrent for most spiders.

Above all this summer, be prepared to contact the experts in Orlando pest control at Apex. We have years of experience and the most cutting-edge techniques on the market that can help your family prevent any pest issues all summer long. We offer a no-obligation inspection and quote. Call today at (866) 675-4070.