Sarasota, Florida is home to a variety of pests that can invade houses, lawns, and gardens. Some of these invaders are a nuisance, some cause expensive or irreparable damage, and some are even a danger to people. Sarasota homeowners want the very best for their family and property, including pest control services. When you contact Apex for Sarasota pest control services, you’ll be taking action to buffer your home’s defenses against invasive pests, resulting in a comfortable and safe environment for your family.

At Apex, each one of our licensed professionals has extensive industry knowledge and keeps abreast of cutting edge pest control techniques and products. We also understand that every home is unique and that’s why you won’t have to waste time explaining your Sarasota pest control problems over and over. We assign an individual pest control technician to your home, one who will come to learn the ins and outs of your property’s unique needs. At Apex, we understand that controlling pests is a year-round problem and one that requires year-round attention. We will work with you and your family to address any concerns that may arise and quickly and effectively take care of them for you.

Whether its ants, termites, ticks, bees, bats, bedbugs, rodents, cockroaches, spiders, or chinch bugs, we stand ready to help you defend your home against the worst that nature can offer. We’ll search your home and the rest of your property to ensure that we have fully solved your pest problem. We offer a variety of treatment plans, each designed specifically for your property to help make sure pests don’t come back.
When you want the best Sarasota pest control services in the area, look no further than Apex Pest Control. Call us today and we’ll set up an initial visit to inspect every inch of your property. Afterwards, we’ll talk with you to discuss your needs and then we’ll get to work, ridding your home of whatever pests are disrupting your life.