Living on Florida’s Gulf coast is as close to paradise as possible. Unfortunately, people are not the only organisms calling the Gulf Coast home; the humid, warm breezes are perfect for many forms of insects, arachnids, and rodents. To keep these unwanted populations at bay, contact the Sarasota Pest Control team at Apex Pest Control. The variety of treatment plans offered at Apex will keep your home, yard, and pool areas free of pests.

Florida’s semi-tropical climate is a bane for mosquitoes, fleas, waterbugs, mice, and many other problematic pests. To eradicate existing pests and eliminate future ones, contact the Sarasota pest control experts at Apex Pest Control. Their team can examine your home for termite damage, roach, hornet, or mouse nests, flea infiltration, and all other areas of concern focused on crawling, flying, and leaping pests.

Maintain a level of safety knowing the Sarasota pest control specialists at Apex are on hand to relieve your home and yard from pathogenic insects and rodents that carry disease. Your family members and pets will be healthier and happier without biting and attacking vermin.

Don’t forget your outbuildings, such as sheds and garages, which are prone to harboring mice and insects since they are seldom climate controlled. Apex will inspect every structure on your property to verify no damage has been incurred and to keep pests from flying or creeping in.

Your family is not the only beneficiary from a visit from Apex: your lawn will also appreciate the lack of abusive bacteria, fungi, and virus invaders that keep it from looking its best. By testing brown or dead patches of turf, Apex can verify the pathogen eating away at your yard and work to eradicate it as quickly as possible.

Contact Apex Pest Control, your Sarasota pest control experts, to find out how your life can be simplified with a visit. Call (866) 675-4070 or browse our website.